Good Morning, Nepal! - IMPREINT's "Portraits" collaboration post

Boudanath stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal

Recently I was invited to join an international photography project "Portraits" started by a London-based artist IMPREINT. The artist collects portraits of different people holding a common item - a balloon. Why a balloon? While painting a project "1000 balloons" a couple of years ago the artist came to the idea that we people are just like those balloons: all different, imperfect yet all beautiful. And he decided to start this new project "Portraits" where the balloon symbolizes the common ground that we all have not depending on age, shape, skin colour, culture background, social status: we all are human beings, we all can love, hate, cry, laugh, feel pain or feel happiness.

Information about the artist and his project as well as the project's photos you can find on this Facebook page.
As Nepal is the place where Buddha was born I chose one of the sacred Buddhist sites of the country to participate in the project - the Boudhanath stupa.

Prayer flags at the Boudhanath stupe, Kathmandu, Nepal

 It is one of my favourite places in Kathmandu. It is not only beautiful but has some special sense of tranquility, peace and well-being about it.

Religious sculpture at the Boudhanath stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tibetan monk praying at the Boudhanath stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal

The Boudhanath is the largest stupa in Nepal. The huge white dome is set on concentric, ascending terraces in the pattern of a mandala.

Prayer flags at the Boudhanath stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal

Dogs sleeping on the premises of the Boudhanath stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal

It is possible to climb up onto the base of the stupa and take a peaceful stroll. Around the base of this stupa is a ring of 108 images of Buddhist deities and 147 insets containing prayer wheels.

Boughanath, Kathmandu, Nepal
Wearing: dress - W, cigarette pants - Paislei, wedges - Delamode, handmade glass-beads necklace - bought in Nepal

Hope you're having a nice day!


  1. What a fantastic project and how exciting that you got to be a part of it! Your dress is gorgeous and I love the pi dogs lying about, makes me long for India even more. xxx

  2. That's a wonderful art and humanity project, I am so touched seeing all the different people in different countries holding a balloon. Balloons always remind me of childhood, and that's who we all are - children of the world. You picked such a truly amazing spot for your photos, Olga. You look happy and very beautiful in your colorful ethnic outfit. Love this post. xxxx

  3. What a wonderful project! You look absolutely stunning in this colorful dress! And thank you for showing your city -- the temple is truly amazing.

  4. Hi! You have a very nice blog and so I am now one of your followers! A hug from Italy!
    . you look gorgeous!

  5. This is great! The location, the project, and your look. You look quite at home in your ethnic print. Gorgeous colours! No one would miss you in your red, pink, orange and yellow:-D
    My mind is busy trying to imagine the scene. Did you carry the balloon al the way there, or did you blow it up on the scene? Did you have backup balloons? An adult carrying a balloon through town is an unusual sight. Did you attract stares? Did you have to hold on tight, or did you have a string?
    Hee hee! Just a nosy parker, me! Love it all!!! xo JJ

    1. I did blow the balloon at the scene. And I did have a few back up balloons with me. The first one actually burst. Yeah, at first I felt a bit uneasy going around with a balloon and being photographed with so many people witnessing it but then I got used to it. I saw some other people were taking picture of me too. And I got many compliments on my dress actually :)