Wearing red in winter

I noticed that in winter I wear red quite often. Much more often than in summer. I wonder why...Does it have some warming up effect on me? Or perhaps it just cheers me up more than any other colour. Though why would I need cheering up? Winter here is not as gloomy and grey as in Europe, on the contrary, the days are full of sun light and many trees stay green. Oh well, whatever the reason...as in my previous post, today again you can see me wearing red.

The red sweater is by an Indian brand, I bought it recently. The maxi skirt is my last year's purchase from London. The print contains as many as 8 colours. And maybe that is why I love Monsoon brand - they like to experiment with colours and patterns. 

It is quite warm here during day time but by the evening one needs to wear a jacket or a coat. I guess there is no surprise that my jacket is red. The shade is rather bold and showy but I feel comfortable wearing it.

Statement ring with a red coral imitation stone

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Sweater - 109F, maxi skirt - Monsoon, jacket - Giordano, boots - Woodland, scarf and ring - local market

Have a nice day!


  1. what a lovely red sweater...and so well paired with that maxi skirt!
    I think I wear red more often in winter too...maybe because it is a nice contrast against grayness of winter gloomy days?

    you look fantastic!


  2. I love red, and I love a maxi, and print, so this outfit is a total winner with me! You look warm, vibrant and stylish, and look, there's a tabby in the background, perfect! xxx

  3. Оля, классно, завидую :))

  4. Red seems to be popular color lately now that you mentioned it. Today alone I seen so many bloggers in gorgeous red including you!

  5. You look stunning in red, Olga! Love the vibrant skirt too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  6. This is beautiful Olga! Redheads can wear red. I lve the pattern of your skirt and the flow of it.
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  7. Like you Olga I tend to wear red in winter, even though our winters are fairly mild, it seems to be so cheery.I love your maxi, such a great combination.You wear red so well.

  8. Wow!!! You look stunning in red!!! Love the way you completed your look with jewellery and accessories of different shades of red!!!! This bold and bright colour suits you! !! :)

  9. You look beautiful in red, Olga! Such a great print on your skirt, and the ring is amazing - love it! This coat is perfect on you. Red carries so much energy, heat, passion, fire - maybe that's why you want to wear it, as generally winter is time to slow down, hibernate (even though you live in a sunny and warm climate).

    ps Thank you for your comment, it was really amazing to hear! :)

  10. I am never been a great fan of red and I am wearing red more often only recently... it is a vitaminic colour, so, why not? The colour is so nice on you! And your sweater goes lovely with the maxi skirt...