Casual summer look

White cotton top, brown linen trousers and wooden necklace

You've seen my colourful wooden necklaces recently when I wore it with a black crop top and a peasant skirt. Obviously the best background for this accessory is black or white. And today I wear one of the necklaces again, with a white cotton top this time. Again a very casual look - the top and the brown linen trousers, but the necklace, as well as multi-coloured bamboo earrings and raspberry red shoes add a bit more interest to it.

White cotton top and multi-coloured wooden necklace

And now to some playing! Usually I am not into "blogger award" playing. But when talented Natalia of the In The Writer's Closet  blog nominated me a Liebster Award I decided to half-play it, meaning that I will answer Natalia's questions (out of respect for Natalia and because I really find them interesting). So, here they are:
1. Favorite color of the rainbow.
I think I like them all, on their own as well as mixed together. 

2. Favorite time of day.
It will be morning. I wake up early, at 6 am, sometimes even earlier. The air is so fresh, birds are singing, the sun is rising...I love it.

3. Three favorite things to do when you don't have to do anything.
1) Reading. Before I used to read much fiction but nowadays I do it only on holidays. At other days I prefer to read about ethnic dress, jewelry and textiles, as well as about different cultures. 2) Going out: to the park, to the movies, to a cafe or just strolling along the streets. 3) Baking something delicious like strawberry brownies or an apple pie

4. Three favorite TV shows.
My favourite one is Master Chef Australia: very entertaining and very inspiring. After watching it I always feel like going to the kitchen and trying new things. I watched American and Indian versions as well but no, I didn't like them that much. Another tv shows that I enjoy watching are The Game of Thrones and the Blacklist.

5. What was your biggest childhood dream?
My biggest childhood dream was to go to see India one day. I imagined it like a country full of magic and wonders and beautiful things. And what child would not dream about finding oneself in a fairy-tale country (where maharajah prince charming would come for you on a white elephant)

White cotton top, brown linen trousers and wooden necklace
6. What's more inspiring - being in the mountains or by the sea?
For me being in the mountains is more inspiring. I like to be by the sea: I feel relaxed, I can watch it and enjoy its waves endlessly...and have not a single thought on my mind all the time. Mountains have different effect on me. I live in the country with the most beautiful and the highest mountains in the world, maybe that's why. Every time I have a look at them, every time I drive the mountain road I get mesmerized by their beauty, their closeness, their grandour and at the same time I feel fit of energy and enthusiasm.

7. In a difficult situation, who is your hero? (Do you ever think "What would ... do?")
I guess my father. He was and he is my hero of the real world. We were close and I knew him well and I admired how he could handle difficult situations staying calm, staying true to himself.

8. If you only had to choose one book to bring with you to a desert isle, what would it be? 
I'm trying to imagine re-reading any of my favourite books again and again. And I guess sooner or later I would get bored with any of them. So, I think for an isle I would better chose a book featuring collection of humorous quotes by famous people, like Mark Twain and Oskar Wild.

9. First thing you do in the morning is ... (OK, of non-embarrassing things :) ) 
Have a cup of coffee...

10. Are you a ritual person or a spontaneous person?
I have my spontaneous moments but still I am more a ritual person

11. If you had to describe the meaning of life in just one word, it would be ...

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Have a nice day!


  1. I love this casual, relaxed and yet interesting look with brown and white colour palette and some bright colours in the wooden necklace and pink shoes and red nails!!!! The blouse js beautiful! I like the way you answered the questions :) :) :) it was interesting to find out some things about you! :)

  2. I found your answers to be very interesting and so were Natalia's questions. So, I'm happy you decided to play along this time:)

    I do really like this outfit. I'm a big fan of wide pants, for me they always feel very elegant and sophisticated. Generally, I prefer dresses and skirts to pants, but when I do wear pants it is usually flared pants or wide ones.

    you look very pretty and stylish. This white top makes that fabulous necklace stand out even more....and those sandals are very cute.

  3. The necklace is so wonderful and the top is sweet and pretty. Such a gorgeous lady you are!!

    And so great at answering questions too :) Here is a trick I use for the answer to #1: My favorite color is me :) The piece on your father was so cool and Mark Twain?!?! Ah you are just amazing, dear!! He is different in many ways but is often called a modern-age Twain, my favorite authour Lewis Grizzard. He always gives me a chuckle and I re-read his books because they are so full and rich and real. And yes, the perfect answer, life is love, no more complex than that.

  4. I love how loose yet elegant and beautiful this entire outfit is. Pretty top and necklace, Olga.

  5. What a lovely, elegant outfit, Olga - the wide-legged trousers make your legs look a mile long! The colours in your necklace and sandals are so pretty.
    Great answers to Natalia's questions. xxx

  6. A wonderful outfit—adore that necklace! I found your questions' answers very insightful.

  7. Love learning more about you and loving this outfit! That necklace is just so fun, I love the colors and texture.

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week. Have a great weekend!


  8. I always think of you as a friend from a very far away country, and this post allows to know something more about you! (And I love that!! )
    Your top is a very nice background for your colourful necklace...
    Have a nice week, dear!