Colourful lehenga choli outfit

Lehenga choli party outfit worn with peacock theme jewelry

Showing off my new Indian outfit. Such sets of a skirt (lehenga), a blouse (choli) and a shawl are no less popular party outfits here than sarees. I prefer them because they are easy to put on, no fuss as with draping a saree; they show off figure no less than a saree does and they are really stunning. I believe you have heard such a statement that one should not mix more than three colours in one outfit. Well, it doesn't apply for Indian outfits. There may be as many colours mixed up as one wishes. Let's count how many there are in my today's look: golden, red, orange, dark blue, blue, yellow, purple. Seven! Just as many as the rainbow has! And I must say that I enjoy having all these colours together in one outfit!

Anyway, I decided not to add any more colours and chose my accessories in those shades that are already there in the set: blues, purple and golden. The necklace, the earrings, the pin and the ring have a peacock theme in their design.

Peacock feather swarovski crystals brooch

Peacock theme necklace, brooch and earrings
I really enjoy wearing Indian outfits, especially those for parties. I feel like an Indian royalty - a maharani - when I am dressed in such kind of lehenga-choli set with all those stunning jewelry as accessories. 

Colourful lehenga choli party outfit worn with peacock theme jewelry

Colourful lehenga choli party outfit worn with peacock theme jewelry and blue purseLehenga choli set - http://www.indianweddingsaree.com/ peacock necklace and earrings - http://indianbeautifulart.com/ peacock feather brooch - Avalaya, bangles, purse and ring - local

Have a nice weekend! 


  1. Wow! You look absolutely stunning!!! Like a royal princess! !!! Beautiful outfit!!! And it sits on you so well!!! I also love all that embroidery on the blouse and lehenga and all the mix of colours!!! Love the way you accessorized the look with contrasting royal blue jewellery and clutch and loving the peacock theme!!!! Enjoy wearing it :) :) :)

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  3. You look like royalty indeed :) I enjoy all the mixing of colors, it is done so perfectly. Very lovely ring too dear. You made a wonderful selection with this outfit, so perfect for you. You are such a beauty and so sweet!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  4. "Goddess" is the word that comes to mind! What a dream of an ensemble, and how perfectly you wear it.

  5. I've lived for a year in India, travelling as a back packer, and I always admired Indian women for the way they dress. I consider you are so lucky that you have the chance to get dressed like them in such aluxurious way. You must be feeling like you are in a fairytale!

  6. Beautifully rich colours and textures and sparkle - you look really fantastic, Olga! xxx

  7. Wow! Minimalism hasn't made it to India :-D
    Such a stunning outfit on stunning you.
    Your jewellerybox must be massive! Xo Jazzy Jack

  8. You look stunning beautiful in this traditional Indian look. This sari is simply magnificent. I absolutely love how all the seven colours come together. The accessories are wonderful, so rich. Indian traditional jewerly is always fantastic and it completes this traditional look wonderfully. You're a royal beauty in this look. It must be enjoyable to dress up in this traditional attire and you wear it so well, you seem so comfortable in in, like you have worn it your entire life.

  9. Hello Maharani Olga! You look very festive and ready to celebrate in your colours of the rainbow!! I love all the bangles and bling!!

    ♥ carmen

  10. An absolutely gorgeous traditional dress, Olga!! You look like a fairytale princess... and the jewelry is really fantastic as well
    You would be the most beautiful of the party ...

  11. So many lovely details here from the colours to the print to the ring. Wonderful. All these colours look so stunning on you.

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