Artistic print skirt

Vietnamese printed mini skirt and knit top

While I was on holidays, autumn came to Kathmandu. It is still warm enough at day time, 19-21C degrees, but every day the temperature gets just a little bit lower and lower. It is time to wear tights finally. And it is time to show you my new skirt that I brought from Vietnam. I was not after buying clothes there. What one can expect to find in such a touristy place are t-shirts with Vietnamese theme prints and beach wear, most probably of the Chinese origin. I was not interested in the first one and I had plenty of my own of the second one. But then one evening I stumpled across the Lucy's Dream boutique that offered something different: a selection of dresses, skirts and tops that really stood out.

Lusy's Dream boutique in Hoi An

They were made from finest silk, satin, organza or crepe fabric with absolutely amazing, visually striking prints. As it turned out those patterns were exclusively designed by Vietnamese artists: hand-drawn firstly, then digitized, then printed on fabric. The themes were variable - "Ethnic Beauty", "Greek Mythology", " Surrealism", "The Zodiac", "Vietnamese beauties playing musical instruments" and many others. My crepe skirt is from the "Vietnamese festivals" collection. The name of the print is "Mid-autumn festival of Vietnam". The name of the artist - Phirong Le in my case - who created the print is also put on the skirt's tag and I think it is a very nice thing to do.

Digital print mini skirt, red plum knitted top, blue tights and fuchsia shoes

Vietnamese festival print skirt

For this warm autumn day I chose a cool winter colour palette to combine with my skirt: a red plum top, blue tights and fuchsia shoes. And amethyst imitation earrings that I found in Singapore.

Amethyst imitation earrings

Can't resist the temptation to show you a few things from the boutiques's collection found on their site

Elephant riders of Vietnam dress

Floating market dress 

Hanoi Temple of Literature dress 

Vietnamese traditional mask print dress
The Funny Mask of Vietnam dress

Printed topThe Great Emperor of Nguyen Dynasty top

Back to my look

Skirt - Lucy's Dream, knit top - Next, shoes - local market in Kathmandu, earrings - Purple Attic

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  1. You look amazing in this look! The purple, pink and plum colours really suit you and look great with your ginger copper hair!!!! The skirt is beautiful and the colourful print as well! I love how you put the whole look together and accessorized it as well. Other designs in the boutique look amazing! I would have loved to shop there :)

  2. That is a beautiful, special skirt, Olga! It looks wonderful on you, and yes isn't it great to wear tights for the first time this season : >


  3. What interesting and unique prints, I really like them so I can see why were tempted by that lovely skirt! Gorgeous colours too. xxx

  4. Wow that store has amazing items! They really are so creative to bring art to fashion like that. You chose a pretty skirt, very festive indeed. Paired so well with the comfy sweater and, of course, those wonderful blue tights! I had already enjoyed that first shot a few times from Instagram, each time so fantastic! And to see them on the big screen was amazing. I really appreciate seeing them close up a bit, very exciting!! You are so lovely and your legs are so sexy!! Thanks for these amazing pictures. Yay for colder weather :)

  5. Olga, this is such a colourful skirt with its interesting print, no wonder it came home with you. The store looks to have such wonderful artistic prints on their garments.

  6. What a fantastic skirt, I'd definitely have bought it, too! xxx

  7. Such a pretty outfit! Love your skirt!

  8. Yes, the print on that skirt is really superb. I like the fact that it was designed by an artist and then printed on the skirt...and adding the name of the artist on the skirt was a nice touch. I try to buy local whenever I can, I think supporting local artist and artisants is very important.

    The way you styled this skirt is superb. My compliments. Those blue tights are so lovely....you look absolutely stunning!


  9. The print of your skirt is wonderful, Olga! the close up reveals it is a work of art ... a very nice way to say hello to autumn!
    I love how you matched the skirt to blue, fuchsia and red plumb ...

  10. That skirt has your name written all over it! What a wonderful print and such rich colours for this time of year. Beautiful.


  11. You look beautiful! The skirt is very unique, as are all the patterns in these amazing dresses! I love the colour of your top and tights, makes for a fantastic outfit!

    ♥ carmen