What I wore in Vietnam

Colourful print gypsy palazzo pants worn with yellow top and bright necklace

Many people while on holidays prefer to wear something comfy and that's understandable. But why do clothes necessarily need to be plain and boring as well? Why not combine comfort and prettiness? All my outfits that I wore in Vietnam were very comfy to wear and at the same time they quite stood out in the crowd of short-tshirts wearers. You have seen this pants/skirt thing (that the producer calls "gypsy palazzo pants") before on my blog, that time I paired it with a purple top but it looks no less impressive with a yellow one too.

Gypsy palazzo pants - Global Desi, top - Giordano, shoes - Delamode, wooden necklace - local market in Kathmandu

For wandering around the Ancient Town of Hoi An I wore this floral print maxi dress. It is rather open at the top and I felt it would be inappropriate to visit local temples like this, so I added a crochet shrug in contrasting orange colour.

Floral print maxi dress worn with crochet shrug

Dress - local market in London, shrug -  Per Una, gladiators - Refresh, green onyx pendant - from Nepal

This colourful tropical print dress I wore much around the beach

Tropical print dress - Patch, shoes - Everbest

Another maxi that I took with me was this dress embellished with sparkling sequins under the breast line. As it turned out I don't have photos of me wearing it except this one but that it is maxi one can't see here, so you just have to trust me, haha

Floral print maxi dress - Debenhams, green onyx pendant and bangles - from Nepal

This white-and-yellow stripy dress looks rather modest comparing with shown above outfits. I wore it with strapless wedges in contrasting blue 

Stripy dress - Bossini, shoes - Everbest

Stripy white and yellow dress
And the last look  I want to show is this outfit that wore for visiting My Son ancient ruins and exploring the cave of the Marble Mountains. In order not to get tangled in a maxi or not to flash of too much in a mini I wore pants at that day. But both the pants and the t-shirt were not plain but with interesting print.

Baroque print pants and printed t-shirt
Baroque print pants - Biba (India), t-shirt - Bossini, shoes - Delamode

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One more post and I will be done with Vietnam :)
Have a nice day!
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  1. I absolutely love all of your outfits! They're both colourful and feminine, exactly my cup of tea:). I totally agree with you, one can be both comfy and stylish. Bright colours and interesting patterns make everything more interesting. Furthermore, a nice maxi dress or pallazzo pants can be a lot more comfy than a tshirt and usual "tourist wear". Sometimes we have to think outside the box. Besides, why shouldn't we look good on our vacation? You certainly showed us how to be beautiful and stylish on your vacation. My favourite look is the where you're a wearing a tropical dress and standing under a palm tree on an edge of a beach.

  2. but I also like the maxi dresses you wore and that yellow top paired with pallazzo pants- that combo is so fabulous!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful choices on vacation, Olga. Love those palazzo pants. xox


  4. A great choice of clothes. Comfort definitely doesn't mean compromising on style, just as you've proved so beautifully here! x

  5. Beautiful outfits, full of colour and print, and definitely a whole lot more stylish that shorts and a t-shirt! xxx

  6. You have fantastic taste, dear. Everything you wear is so pleasing to the eye, it even brightens the day most times. So wonderful to have so many gorgeous pictures of you gathered together. Enjoyed these very much, especially those sexy legs :) So are so beautiful and a sweet friend!

  7. I love to dress in highly patterned clothes and your selection is fabulous.
    I travelled back from London yesterday on the train and I was the only person with patterned clothes, everyone else was in black or boring dull flat colours.
    Bring on colour and jazzy designs x

  8. Great bright patterns, perfect for Vietnam. I love the outfit with the yellow tank and the outfit with the mixed print, featuring those fabulous paisley pants. You look gorgeous in yellow, Olga.

    Enjoy this week! Ada. =)

  9. The perfect travelling wardrobe , fun and so stylish and so weather appropriate. Love those palazzo pants.
    Glad you enjoyed Vietnam , it is on my to visit list.

  10. Wonderful pics on your trip Olga, you have a knack for picking out wonderful colorful prints and unique and precious jewlery. You look great, enjoyed the photos!
    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday
    jess xx

  11. Never forget elegance on holidays! You are sharing a very nice selection of dresses ... the floral print maxi dress is my favourite and the simple striped one is very cute too!

  12. Gorgeous outfits Olga and great photography!! I so agree with you - pretty and comfy is best!! You look FAB!!!

    ♥ carmen

  13. I'd happily wear every one of those outfits. You're a girl after my own heart with all those eye-popping colours and prints. As Ivana so rightly said, why not be styling on vacation?


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