Wearing grey and black

Wearing grey with black

I don't even remember when I wore grey colour last time...many years ago I did have a grey sweater and that was it. I guess, this is the least favourable colour of mine. And here I am, all dressed in grey and black today. It may seem strange but the idea of the look came from the tights. I bought them first (obviously, couldn't resist that print) and only then I started to look for something to match them.

Grey print tights

And found this long sweater (or sweater dress if you wish) in the shade of grey that I actually liked. To break the monotony of grey I paired it with a black skirt and black shoes. I know, grey can be matched with many other nice and bright colours but the grey-black combination appeals to me the most.

Grey sweater dress worn with black skirt and printed tights

The ethnic pendant I'm wearing here I got as a Christmas gift. It depicts a Hindu deity Ganesha

Ethnic silver pendant depicting Ganesha

Grey sweater with geometrical details

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Casual wear: sweater dress with skirt and printed tights Sweater and skirt - H&M, tights - from Belarus, shoes - Bentley, Ganesha pendant - from Nepal

Have a nice day!
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  1. Hi Olga! Love the funky tights. Makes for an edgy schoolgirl look with those cool shoes. Gorgeous pendant! I have a soft spot for Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, and have a wooden Ganesha I bought in India (as seen in the photo at the top of my blog).

  2. That grey is such a nice color with your beautiful hair, dear, and the sweater itself is a lovely piece. The medallion caught my eye right away, so intricate and cool. I wish I could wear medallions. I tried for a while, just to the casino and just my Frank Sinatra one. But other than there I just felt silly wearing one :) Of course I adore those gorgeous tights. You have the most sexy legs for them. I appreciate that shot of them so much, dear!! I was enjoying it and letting my imagination fill in the parts unseen, toe to hip, and then something so wonderful happened...and then again ;) What a fantastic surprise!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful and exciting shots, dear!

  3. Hi Olga
    I can't remember the last time I wore black but you've teamed it beautifully with the grey. I love your tights, mine at a lot darker. I'm going to get some lighter ones now I've seen yours.
    Have a good week
    Lynn x

  4. Best tights, Olga! I am doing all gray and black today too. You look chic and beautiful, xo


  5. Grey is my favorite neutral. Love your sweater and pendant necklace so much. The fun houndstooth tights and little Oxford booties are adorable!

  6. I used to feel the same way about grey but then I discovered that it matches black wonderfully...Plus, I've seen many fabulous bloggers who wore grey so stylishly and perfectly (you included) so that influenced and inspired me to wear it as well.

    I really like this combo. It has this girly vibe that suits you so well! The skirt is so lovely and it is a great pairing with that oversized sweater. What to day about those tights? They are dreamy! I love tights that have a pattern. I must also add that I love your shoes. I have a similiar pair and they're so comfy. Pretty necklace too, I love that pedant with an elephant head.

    Thank you for your sweet comments:)

  7. Great outfit! The tights really make the outfit and prove that grey doesn't have to be boring at all! I'm glad you got the tights and went from there because the whole outfit is fantastic!

  8. Like you Olga, I am not really a fan of grey, I find it tricky to wear but agree it does work so well with black. Love those tights with the laceup shoes.

  9. I never used to like grey either but as I've got older I've fallen in love with it. I find it more flattering with black and when worn with black it takes the edge off the black. Those tights are a wonderful pattern and can quite see how they would start the outfit off. Lovely pattern of your jumper and that necklace is a beauty.


  10. Grey and black are my favorite colors and you combined both very wisely Olga.I like this.thanx for sharing this idea with us

  11. This is very cute! I really enjoy wearing black and grey. Love this outfit.

  12. Always a fan of grey and black! :)

    Love the tights and those cute heels! :)

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