Indian princess outfit

Indian party outfit, skirt with long jacket over it in pink

It's been a long time since I posted an Indian party look. And as you know I do love dressing up for Indian parties. But then I spent three months visiting UK and Belarus and when I came back there was no parties at all - no season. Finally, today I can show you my new party dress and I consider it the prettiest dress I have ever owned so far. Well, actually it is not a dress but a skirt with a long kind of jacket worn over it. But it does look like a dress though.

Embroidered Indian party ensemble, a skirt with long jacket over it

When I saw it in a boutique I liked it straight away but was doubtful about the colour at first. Pink? Not exactly the shade that suits my ivory-ish skin tone. Anyway I decided to try it on. And when I did all doubts were thrown away. I liked how it looked on me. And that is what matters.

The colour of the dress looks different under different light but actually it is not exactly pink but rather pinkish peach. So, my evening bag in pink seems quite contrasting. But no harm in some contrast, huh?

Indian bangles

As I already mentioned in my other posts kids here are dressed up at parties too, especially girls. Parents put an extra effort for their daughters to look no less gorgeous then their moms. Aren't these two young ladies adorable?

Have to confess that I felt like a princess wearing this ensemble.

The only photo where you can see the back of the dress

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  1. You look absolutely beautiful. I swoon over these dresses whenever I'm in the big cities in India, I'd love the opportunity to wear one. xxx

  2. How gorgeous! That color is really beautiful on you! :)

  3. You look absolutely divine Olga. I would never want to take that dress off. It makes me think of Cinderella going to the ball
    Lynn xx

  4. looking gorgeous in indian dress. I really love it. So beautiful

  5. Olga you really do look like a princess in this glorious dress.I always enjoy a peek at the events you go to, everyone always looks so beautiful and the children look so adorable.

  6. Wow!!! You look amazing!!! The dress looks great on you and that colour as well!!! Stunning look!!! I love all the accessories too, bangles, clutch and earrings!!!! Your henna on hands is lovely too! Definitely looking royal !!!

  7. Wow, just divine! You look like a princess indeed, and all the women and girls are lovely too. xox


  8. You really look like a princess, Olga!And those young ladies are adorable!!

  9. Princess Olga, you look so regal!



  10. I love your outfit so much! In paticular, I love your jewellery. I just can`t take my eyes off. Where have you bought these jewellery? I always buy mine from Gold24.in website.It's a reliable store offering good prices.