About me and the blog

Though my blog name contains word "fashion" it is not exactly about fashion. Rather, it is about my personal style and about how people dress across the globe. Hence, additional word "local" in the blog name. Dress is a broad category that includes clothing, jewelry and accessories such as hats, shoes, bags. Hairstyles, make-up, tattooing, piercings and other body modifications can also be put into this category.
My love for studying dress started in my 20s. After getting married at the age of 19 I had to follow my husband whose job required much travelling at the time. So, the next decade I spent moving from one country to another. Mostly, those were Asian countries: Thailand, Malaysia, China, Singapore, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka. During those journeys it was inevitable to meet local people who often were dressed absolutely differently from what I used to see in my home country Belarus. Some costumes fascinated me with their stunning embellishment, others amused with their ridiculousness , thirds mesmerised with amount and unusualness of accompanying jewelry. I got curious at first. I wanted to know more. I started to study the topic. And the more I learnt the more fascinated I became. And thus my love and passion for dress study was born.

Nowadays I reside in Nepal and don't travel much, just occassionally. Means I have more time for research, writing and sharing with you.

Thank you for your visit and hope you will come again.
Have a nice day!

you may contact me at  rani_olga@yahoo.com


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  2. Hii Olga !!

    I just came across your blog and found pleasure to read that you love ethnic culture and representing it.
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  3. Hi Olga

    your blog is quit interesting.I'm from Rajasthan,India where the tradition of textile is incredible.The colors,styles,decorations........

    nice reading ....
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  4. Hello hello! I love your blog and have nominated you for the super sweet blogger award. <3

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  6. Hi Olga,

    That's Lovely. Yours posts are unique. We too love traditional and ethnic stuff and are currently inviting Women who love traditional accessories and create such stuff to be a part of our online exhibition and sell their creations at www.indiancarnival.com. Good Luck for this wonderful blog.

  7. have you ever considered illuminated jewerly?
    its quite brilliant :)


  8. It is so fascinating reading about your journey Olga! I am Serbian, but like you I have spent much of my time in Asia, in China and India <3 Thank you for sharing!!

  9. Hi Olga thanks to you
    your blog about Indian head gears 've been very helpful for my research

  10. Hi Olga, it was very interesting to learn some facts about your life, especially that you now live in Nepal, it must be quite a life. I am originally from Odessa, Ukraine now living in Sydney Australia. I've been a few Asian countries myself but never to Nepal

  11. Hi Olga, I am very interested in cultures that wear coral. I will reading your blog.