Floral midi skirt and lace top

Floral midi skirt and lacy top

Many people celebrated Easter last Sunday. But in my native Belarus (as well as in some other countries of Orthodox Christianity) Easter is celebrated tomorrow (Sunday). I am going to the Russian culture centre for some socializing to mark the day. And that's what I am planning to wear for the event, I took the photos in advance as tomorrow I will really have no time for this. Both things, the lacy top and the floral skirt, are new, I will be wearing them for the first time. I love the shape of the skirt, actually it is the first skirt of such shape in my wardrobe.

Floral midi skirt

The lacy top is smart enough to wear for such a special occasion. The front has a lining which is very convenient as not to disconcert still rather modest people of Nepal with glimpses of my bra, haha, but the back is of lace only. Actually I like it without any lining better, one can see all the beauty of the lace properly.

Lace top, floral midi skirt

The necklace is of synthetic beads but the ring's stone is a natural one. It is zircon, one of the cheapest gem stones but look how beautiful it is! Love its colour and those impurities inside just make it even more beautiful.

Pink zircon ring

My garden is in full bloom

(find the cat)

Floral midi skirt, lace topFloral skirt - Ginger, lace top - Forever21, shoes - Indiana, zircon ring - bought in Nepal (Monte Carlo, Thamel)

Hope you're having a nice weekend!
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  1. That floral midi looks great on you...I really like its cut and the floral print is simply gorgeous!

    I do like how you paired it with a white lace top..it makes the floral print stand out more and at the same time this lovely top is such an elegant choice....my compliments<3 you do look stunning!

    I wish you a fantastic Easter celebration tomorrow!


  2. Wow!!!! I love this outfit!!! The skirt is amazing!!! the shape is so cool and emphasises your tiny waist!!!! The colour and print are beautiful too!!!! Love the way you matched your necklace, ring and nails with the colours of the skirt!!! And the blouse....stunning!!!! Perfect for wearing this skirt!!! Great outfit!!!! Happy Easter to you tomorrow! !! I will be celebrating it too tomorrow! :)

  3. Your skirt is so fun and lovely! And that top!! Both very sweet and so very sexy, I adore that, especially on gorgeous you :) You look like the most beautiful bloom in your garden. Oh, and thanks for the very sweet words on my blog. You are very kind and they were so appreciated :) xoxo

  4. Happy Easter dear Olga!
    The shape of the skirt is perfect for you, will say you have the perfect shape for such a skirt. I love the floral print and the silk like structure.
    Enjoy your holiday!
    Sabine xxx

  5. What a lovely skirt! A great print, and a very flattering shape on you, you wear the 50s silhouette beautifully. Gorgeous lace too.
    Ha, look at the puss prowling around on the roof! xxx

  6. Great outfit! You have an awesome sense of style :)
    -Jenna <3
    I followed on GFC, follow back? The Chic Cupcake

  7. What a gorgeous print and such a sweet, pouffy-out shape, too! Love your nails! x

  8. You look both romantically retro and very modern at the same time in this outfit, Olga! The lace top is very pretty, and I like that the front is covered, but the back is open - пикантно! Your garden looks wonderful, and I did notice the cat. :) Hope you enjoyed your time socializing. xx

  9. This outfit is very beautiful. Love it so much.

  10. That floral jacquard skirt is stunning and you styled it beautifully with the matchy cocktail ring and statement necklace. Love the crop lace top and those wedge sandals, also.

    Happy Tuesday! <3 Ada.

  11. Olga! I am in love with this outfit. From top to toe, the lace cropped top is gorgeous! ( I need a crop top) with the beautiufl midi skirt in these purple tones. The necklace is gorgeous too!!

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  12. Such a beautiful skirt ! You look fabulous in this look :) x

  13. The colors in your skirt are so gorgeous and vibrant! Love the statement necklace!
    You have a splendid garden!...I'm jealous:)
    So we are fellow countrymen, I was born in Belarus too!
    Alena & http://garmentsspeech.blogspot.com

  14. You surely was the most beautiful lady!! Lace is soooo feminine...

  15. Gorgeous outfit!!! You look so beautiful XO
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  16. Gorgeous outfit!!! You look so beautiful XO
    #LINKUPWITHLISA @ http://www.beauty101bylisa.com/2015/04/linkupwithlisa-13-cold-shoulder-dress.html?showComment=1429589825474#c2046827283529648999

  17. You are a garden delight from your magnificant skirt to your own garden in bloom. So very very lovely.