A new coat and a dance show from Russia

Just a few days ago I bought this new coat. Winter sale has started here and I got it with 50% discount. Though cold season is almost over here in Kathmandu, still I couldn't resist to buy it. And yesterday I got an opportunity to wear it anyway. We were invited to the Russian center of Science and Culture for the Ball Dances Show by a dance group from Karelia. The show was spectacular, I enjoyed it so much. Popular ball dances like rock-and-roll, foxtrot, waltz, rumba, salsa and many others were performed. And I liked the costumes of the dancers, so beautiful.

Now, back to my outfit. I decided to create kind of "stripy" theme with the coat having horizontal stripes and the dress and the scarf - vertical ones. The dress is same as I wore at the New Year's Eve party. I liked the result.

Coat  -  Forever 21
Dress  -  Imagination
Scarf  -  bought in Sri Lanka
Bag  -  Fiorelli

1 comment:

  1. That new coat is fab and I really like the horizontal teamed with vertical stripes.
    Looks like a fabulous dance show, I wish I could dance like that...x