Outfit in turquoise and brown

Corduroy skirt, stripy top and stripy knitted cardigan

It is getting warmer here. Soon there will be no need for tights, sweaters and cardigans. But not yet...Today I'm showing you my new hand knitted cardigan in turquoise and brown. I like its loose knit and stripy pattern. It consists of 49% mohair and 32% wool, so it is quite warm.

Mohair hand knitted cardigan

Hand knit cardigan in turquoise and brown with corduroy skirt

I paired it with a brown corduroy skirt and a stripy top underneath. A turquoise pashmina scarf, lacy tights and chunky shoes complete this simple casual look.

Corduroy skirt, lacy tights and chunky shoes

Corduroy skirt with turquoise belt, turquoise scarf, turquoise ring and stripy top

Linking up with Patti's Visible Monday and Jess's Turning Heads Tuesday

Cardigan - Karuna (Nepal), skirt - Pull&Bear, shoes - Bentley, pashmina scarf - from Nepal

Have a nice day!

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  1. Loving that hand-knitted sweater, Olga - it looks like the perfect topper. And the tights too - they have great personality! Thanks for sharing, xo


  2. I really like your blue cardigan...it looks so cozy and warm and it matches with that blue belt and blue scarf perfectly. I also like that skirt and jumper...they match quite nicely as well. Your shoes are so perfect and together with those tights they give a nice girly vibe to this outfit. Perfect styling dear...such a stylish combo! You look so pretty and sweet.

  3. Lovely cardigan, Olga! Is it made by someone you know? or by you? I used to knit a lot when I was younger - loved the process... almost meditative.
    And such a cute skirt with lacy tights, so sweet and girly!

  4. Great cardigan! Turquoise looks so nice with brown! And I LOVE your tights - great pattern!

  5. Love everything about this outfit, so unique!! I love turquoise and brown and your tights are beautiful!

    ♥ carmen

  6. Such a lovely sweater, dear! The colors and pattern are soothing and pretty. And I like the belt and scarf tying it together too. The striped top is so wonderful on you, makes those perfect breasts pop. Shot 2 really got my fun going :) But, of course, it was that amazing closer look at the lacy, lovely tights that finished me off, and so very wonderfully! I was imagining your pretty feet in them and then it was all over :) I know how busy you are, dear, but if you ever get the chance I would love to see that sight for real. I don't want to seem greedy as you have already given me such a beautiful gift, but I am trying to be braver and just the thought of it has me excited again :) Thank you SO very much for these sexy, wonderful and lovely shots, dear. You are beautiful and amazing in every way!

  7. The cardi is lovely and I like how you've incorporated the colour into the outfit underneath with the turquoise belt. I'm longing to pack the tights away but it'll be months yet! x

  8. The cardigan is such a great colour combination and looks really lovely on you. Great with the skirt and those lacey tights and chunky boots.

  9. I've started collecting a few things in turquoise and I like wearing it with grey and tan. Your cardi looks lovely. I will have to show my knitting friends. The tights are fab
    Lynn xx

  10. Love browns and blues, your cardi looks super comfy and warm in addition to me loving the color palette. Yes to patterned tights!

    Thanks for linking up to Turning Heads Tuesday
    jess xx