Fun black-and-white

Black and white printed kittens dress

Happy Easter everybody! On such special day one wants to look special. That's why I decided to wear this new dress today. It is very pretty, I love its design and how perfectly it fits me. And there is one more thing that I really, I mean REALLY, love about this dress: what appears to be the houndstooth print is actually cute kittens print, black ones on white background and white ones on black background.

Cats print dress

Kittens print dress

Another specialty of the day is me wearing my backstrip wedges with socks. I got these socks as a gift on Christmas and thought they would match perfectly with the dress adding more fun and maybe some quirkiness to the look.

Sandals over socks trend

Cat print dress, sandals over socks trend

Other accessories I chose for the look are a headband, a rutilated quartz bangle, a large multi stone ring and a tube shaped bag.

rutilated quartz bangle, multi stone Ottoman Hands ring, Steve Madden bag

Kittens print dress, wedges over socksDress - Almari , wedges - Indiana, bag - Steve Madden, ring - Ottoman Hands, bangle - from Nepal

Hope you're having a great day!

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  1. Wow!!! You look so pretty!!!! This look is great and so unique and so you!!! Love the cats theme, especially how kitten print is done cleverly in the dress!!! Socks are adorable and do add a fun and playful touch to the whole look. The headband suits you and your hair is fabulous!!! The style of dress and the headband give a bit of 50's vibe :) Your bag and jewellery accessorize the whole look perfectly! !! Everything is just so perfectly matched!!! Happy Easter to you too!!!

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like your dress. Feel great on you. Fabulous bag. keep in touch

  3. You own the most fun patterns in your wardrobe Olga. I am in love with the dress and bag. Also the ring and bracelet are so cute - are they a set together? And are you wearing fun whimsical cat socks? How cute!

    Happy Easter my friend! <3 Ada.

  4. What a sweet and fun outfit which, when worn by you, is also so sexy and wow, dear!!! Such cute kitties and exciting body and toes ;) Enjoyed very much, gorgeous friend!! Wow :) Kisses

  5. Olga you look simply gorgeous in your cat print dress, it is such a great shape.Those socks are just so cute and match perfectly with your sandals.

  6. Hey olga happy ester day, looking beautiful in this outfit. Evey thing suits you. One of the thing nobody noticed is gemstone rings. all are very beautiful. I am your fan of posing. lovely

  7. Omg, best dress ever! And how pretty you look wearing it. Thanks for sharing, xox


  8. Adorable dress! Can't believe it's a kitty print! And the socks are cute too. :)

  9. What an adorable dress and the sweetest socks ever! Love your hair, too. x

  10. WOW!!! Not everyone can pull off such a youthful look, but with your model figure and youthful appearance - YOU CAN and do it beautifully!! Pretty dress and cute socks and shoes. I thought it was houndstooth (which I love) until I read your post, kitties are even cuter. I have a top that looks like houndstooth and is bunnies.

    Happy Easter Monday my dear!


  11. That is the prettiest dress. It looks gorgeous on you! Love your head band too!

  12. What a pretty dress, Olga - you look adorable! Xx

  13. Sweet AND sassy! That dress is amazing on you, Olga and I love the scarf in your hair. A bit late but I hope you had a lovely Easter.


  14. this kitty print is fantastic! this dress was made for you, it fits you perfectly.