Maxi dress and embroidered top

Blue maxi dress with embroidered top over it from Biba

I hope you haven't forgotten the blue maxi dress that I featured some time ago (here) . And I promised that you would see it again. And here it is! Same dress worn with an embroidered top that combines two kinds of fabric: the front is made of same fabric as the dress and the sleeves and the back are from different one decorated with embroidery too. This creates a nice contrast of colours and textures.

Blue maxi dress with an embroidered summer cardigan from Biba


I chose to wear white wedges with this look and as accessories I wore a simple silver bangle and silver enameled earrings

Silver enameled meena earrings from India

Blue maxi dress, embroidered top and white wedges
Maxi dress with embroidered top - (Indian) Biba, wedges - Indiana, bangle- from Nepal, earrings - from India

Have a nice day!

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Blue maxi dress


  1. I loved that dress when you wore it last and it looks just as good in this new incarnation. x

  2. That detail work on the top is so beautiful and the blue makes those lovely eyes pop! So exciting and wonderful to see those gorgeous toes too, dear ;) Kisses

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  3. You look so calm and beautiful in that color of blue! The dress looks so light and flowy and comfortable.
    I can't stop thinking about the pictures you posted of the damage that still needs fixed from the earthquake. It breaks my heart. What is the best way to help?

  4. Lovely colour, and I'm wanting the sandals xx

  5. The styles you choose and the ethnic fashions you display are so lovely that I not only enjoy them now, I file them for further visual pleasure. There is something fluent and coherent about the garments and the way they work together. Thank you!

  6. What a pretty look, these two items came together as one? They work so well together.

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week. Have a great weekend!


  7. you look so feminine and beautiful in this blue outfit. That blue vest works so well with this maxi dress. I love both that part of the vest that is made from the same material as the dress and the other part made from contrasting material..the wedges are also lovely! Fantastic styling altogether.

  8. This vivid blue looks great on you, Olga! Lovely dress, and the jacket/shirt looks like it belongs to this dress. :) Love your earrings! I am looking at all the embroidered dresses and tops that are available now, hoping to find a piece that talks to me. :)

  9. And your flower pots are fantastic!!

  10. Beautiful look!!! The royal blue looks amazing on you!!! Love your dress and that embroidered top!!! Your accessories are perfect for your outfit!!! Earrings are simply stunning! !! They nicely match with the embroidery on the top :) Great and interesting look for hot summer days :)

  11. Blue is a lovely colour on you and you can wear any shape of dress, you always look fantastic

  12. A blue maxi dress is always beautiful on you! The different fabrics and the embroidered top make it cute!