Bomber jacket over maxi dress

Embroidered bomber worn over black maxi dress

It is still February on the calendar but it is already spring here: the days are warm and sunny and the peach tree in my yard is in full bloom. I'm wearing today a new bomber thrown over a black maxi dress. The jacket was recently gifted to me by my daughter who decided that I am a big fan of bombers, hehe. I do own two bombers but the reason I bought them was their hard-to-resist beautiful print. And though I am not a big fan of bombers I do love this new one too, and for the same reason - its beautifully embroidered pattern.

Osaka bomber jacket worn with a maxi dress

The bomber is of silky soft polyester with sporty contrasting sleeves and the embroidery depicts Japan-inspired motifs.

Japanese motifs embroidered bomber jacket

I wore blue-ish shoes to add a pop of colour to this otherwise black-and-white outfit.

Black and white bomber jacket worn with maxi dressOsaka bomber jacket - Oasis, maxi dress - Springfield , shoes - Belwest, bag - Lino Perros

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  1. Beautiful print on your new bomber, Olga - and you look gorgeous. Love those shoes! Thanks for linking, xo


  2. What gorgeous embroidery! I love it (and the beautiful surroundings) xxx

  3. I was looking at bombers just today. :) I remember they were popular in the late 1980s / early 1990s, and I was wearing my brother's bomber jacket all the time! I am not such a big fan of them myself either, though they give a fun upgrade to a wardrobe. Yours is very pretty, and those shoes are very cool. Great outfit, Olga! Love the garden on your photos too!

  4. That's a fabulous bomber! I love the embroidery.

  5. Hi Olga, how are you?! I miss you.

    This bomber over the maxi dress looks fun, sporty and chic, Olga. I always love your unique sense of style and fun outfits you put together. Rocking those retro oxford shoes, too.

    I welcome you to stop by my blog too and don't forget to linkup with me on Thursdays. Share your amazing style with my readers.

    Thanks, Ada. =)


  6. That is a gorgeous bomber! And those shoes are so cool! I love bombers, but I have so many jackets that I can't justify buying one yet. :)

  7. The bomber jacket is gorgeous with its embroidery and you wear it beautifully. So nice of your daughter to share with you. The garden is lovely, enjoy your Spring weather.

  8. seems like your daughter knows you well! That embroidery print is gorgeous. I'm a big fan of embroidery myself, for me it is a form of art. I was just recently thinking about that post you did about embroidery painting in Asia. I did know that embroidery is a widespread tradition but I didn't know that there is a whole art tradition of painting with embroidery...it fascinates me so.

    Anyway, even if you're not the greatest fan of bombers, at least you got to take advantage of this embroidery bomber trend and turn it in your favour. You look fantastic in this outfit.

  9. Olga, I love the embdoidery on this, so detailed! Those shoes are so fun and I love the color!
    thanks for linking with turning heads tuesday
    jess xx