Pleated silk maxi skirt semi-casual way

Silk pleated skirt worn with a shirt

Perhaps some of you remember this skirt of mine. It is 100% silk and that was the main reason I bought this skirt. I am kind of a sucker for natural fabrics. However, I am not a big fan of pleats: first, they tend to make you look bigger in a certain part of your body; second, those pleats make it hard finding a good matching top for the skirt. So many things that I had tried with this skirt looked either weird, or silly, or awkward etc. Anyway, it IS possible to find a matching piece.

Pleated silk skirt worn in semi-casual way with a shirt and wedges

I have worn this skirt a casual and a smart way and today's look is in a semi-casual style, just not too casual and not too smart. Today I paired the skirt with a slightly stripy shirt. The shirt is made of cotton-nylon-polyester mixture and have a silky texture plus the buttons resemble some kind of sparkly stones. These two factors make the shirt not looking too casual. And it happened that the colour matches that of the skirt perfectly. I tried these two together and yes, it worked.

how to wear a silk pleated skirt

The wedges and the bag that I chose to go with the look are of complimentary colours because I wanted them to stand out but not too much. And here are two other looks featuring the skirt, one very casual and another one smart.

Silk pleated skirt casual way

silk pleated skirt smart way

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silk pleated maxi skirt worn with shirt and wedges Pleated silk maxi skirt - Jaeger, shirt - Bossini, wedges - Belwest, bag - Bentley

Have a nice day!

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  1. Beautiful look!!!! I love how you look on purple colours!!!! They suit you!!!! Love how shirt adds a slightly smart vibe to the casual look :) I remember this skirt another time you wore it was with the pinkish purple light jumper with a owl on it that has black fuzzy fringe 😊😊😊 all looks are Beautiful!!!!

  2. Hello Olga, you look so lovely in your pleated skirt - the lavender colour suits you beautifully. The bag and wedges and striped shirt perfect for a day look.

  3. It’s nice to see summer clothing, we are still wrapped up in our winter outfits here in the UK Olga.
    You coordinated your skirt beautifully. I like it with the pink jacket

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  5. Looking gorgeous in purple, Olga! It really suits your red hair. I think pleats are very versatile, they go with almost everything! Of course I don't need to worry about looking big - I AM BIG! :))) Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Beautiful Olga, I love ladies with red hair with jewel tones and your rich purple skirt is so lovely on you! Very nice mix of bold colors with the second look too!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

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