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Though I usually prefer bright colours and prints but sometimes I feel like wearing white. We all know that it is a perfect colour for sunny days because it reflects sunlight. One feels cooler even by just looking at someone dressed in white. Perhaps it is because white is associated with such really cold things as snow and ice-cream? Anyway, the monotony and purity of white in my today's outfit is broken by this really cute print of a very fashionable zebra in a turquoise cardigan.


Tribal print tunic

I wore this semi-transparent tribal print tunic to a casual dinner with my friends. It is of light fabric and has a loose fit which make it the right piece of cloth to wear during hot and humid summer days. The print consists of so many colours: there are different shades of blue, turquoise, pink, yellow, white. So I can pair the tunic with the pants of any of those colours. A really big choice. This time I wore it with simple white skinnies.


A reversed Cinderella story

Bollywood movies are commonly known for their unrealistic love stories that could hardly happen in real life. But let me tell you a real life story that sounds no more realistic than any Hindi movie or a fairy tale. The story happened in the second half of the 19th century in Kapurthala that was a Princely State of Punjab at the time. Princess Gobind Kaur was a daughter of Maharajha of Kapurthala and since childhood had lived in great luxury and splendour of the court of her father. She was married at the age of 12 to a nobleman of great wealth and position. Thanks to her royal status she didn't have to move to her husband's house as tradition required but stayed at her own six-storeyed palace. Nevertheless the life there was pretty boring.


Yellow is for summer!

Yellow is such a happy colour full of energy and positive. There are many shades of yellow of course but for me the first association with yellow that comes on mind is sunshine. Sunshine, summer, warmth, holidays...All nice and pleasant things...But I have never worn yellow before. I just avoided it without even trying it on. Why? I wonder...I guess I just thought that yellow would not suit me, that it is not my colour. But then one day not so long ago I finally decided to try something yellow on, not expecting much of it but mostly out of curiousity. To my surprise I liked myself in yellow: I looked instantly brighter and even felt more cheerful. So, now I have two yellow things in my wardrobe and I am really happy with them.


Perfect for summer: white cotton blouse

Last night I saw a dream...I was shopping and in a pile of sale clothes I found a bundle of money. Took it, came home, counted...Man! There was 3000 $! Shame, but such lucky things happen with me only in dreams. In reality every cent must be earned.
To the outfit now. This blue maxi skirt seems to become one of my favourite pieces this summer. You've already seen me wearing it here and here and today is a new combination, with a white cotton blouse.
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