Tropical print maxi dress

Tropical open shoulder maxi dress

It's summer finally! And it means that I can wear my new tropical maxi dress! Such colourful tropical print is perfect for wearing at some sea resort during a vacation but why to wait for a vacation, why to wait for a trip to the seaside? Wear it here and now! All you need is just warm enough weather. It is enough that the dress has a vacation vibe, it reminds me of beaches and sea breeze and bright tropical sceneries.


Sequined white dress

sequined white reception dress

There is no much styling in this look but the dress is too beautiful not to show it off. It's from Ted Baker and it was gifted to me. I wish it was just a size smaller, would have fitted better then but even on the looser side it still looks quite good on me. The dress has the 20th vibe and is embellished with sequins all over which create beautiful sparkling effect with every move you do, especially under the light of artificial evening illumination. Of course, such a dress requires a special occasion and I wore it for a recent wedding reception (as the wedding was Indian, the white colour of the dress was quite acceptable).


Stripy open shoulder summer dress

loose stripy summer dress with open shoulders

When it's hot outside I prefer to wear dresses instead of pants, and preferably loose dresses for that matter (in spite of them making me look bigger then I am). And this stripy dress from Indian brand Fusion Beats works perfectly for sunny summer days. Besides being of loose silhouette it has open shoulders and nice loose sleeves. The broken line of the hem adds additional interest to the design of the dress. My only complain is fabric. It's not cotton or linen which I would prefer but 100% polyester.


Traditional costume of Belarus by region

Traditional costume of Belarus Western PalesseSummer male and female costumes, Pinsk district of Brest region, Western Palesse

The territory of Belarus is subdivided into six historical and ethnographic regions with specific features of traditional costume. Besides, costumes from different districts of the same region have their unique and characteristic features and vary in their decoration and ornament or in the way of styling. But the basic pieces are similar on the whole territory and let's have a look at them first.
Historically traditional clothes of Belarus people were almost completely made of home-made fabrics and decorated with woven and embroidery ornament. Flax and hemp were cultivated on the farms and widely used for making clothing along with wool and leather.
The basic component of both male and female costumes is a long linen shirt. Women wear a skirt over the shirt which is made from woolen, half-woolen or linen fabric and has different names - andarak, spadnitsa, yupka. It is constructed of several pieces of cloth sewn together. The ordinary type is sewn from three, four or six pieces that are gathered or pleated into the waistband. The paniova, the earliest type of skirt, consists of pieces of cloth, often four, which are attached to the waistband but unsewn at the sides.


Cambodian Apsara dance costume

cambodian apsara dancer

Recently I have visited Cambodia and while being impressed by the architectural wonders of the Angkor Wat I was absolutely captivated by the Cambodian Classical Apsara dance. This dance is very slow and delicate and every gesture and pose is full of effortless grace and beauty. And not only I was charmed by the dance itself but by the costumes of the performers.
Apsaras are celestial dancers who entertain the gods and kings in Hindu mythology. They are spirits representing water and clouds (since the fluidity of the dance). The power of Apsaras over men is beyond comparison as both mortals and divinities cannot resist the charms of the celestial dancers. The Apsara dance already existed in the 6th-7th centuries. Hundreds of Apsaras are depicted on the stone carved walls of the Angkor site, especially in Angkor Wat and the ancient city of Angkor Thom and costumes of the present day Apsara dancers are based on those carvings.