Large polka dot maxi dress

Large polka dot maxi dress

Another maxi dress of mine...I call it "large polka dot dress" but to think about it... aren't these "dots" look more like circles? Anyway, dots or circles, I have always loved this print and this dress. It looks like a statement piece on its own. I used to wear it just like that but this time decided to add a narrow belt. And was surprised of the effect. Such a small detail but gave the dress a fresh look.


Maxi dress and embroidered top

Blue maxi dress with embroidered top over it from Biba

I hope you haven't forgotten the blue maxi dress that I featured some time ago (here) . And I promised that you would see it again. And here it is! Same dress worn with an embroidered top that combines two kinds of fabric: the front is made of same fabric as the dress and the sleeves and the back are from different one decorated with embroidery too. This creates a nice contrast of colours and textures.


Strolling along the ancient streets

Outfit in white and blue

Today is exactly one year since the big earthquake here in Nepal...We still experience aftershocks now and then, there are still not demolished buildings here and there, there are still thousands of people living in tents. The death toll from the quake has reached 9053 and 255 persons are still considered missing, 111 of them foreigners from 25 countries.
On Saturday we decided to visit Bhaktapur, one of the towns of the Kathmandu valley that was damaged the most. This ancient town has always been famous for its unique architecture, temples, stculptures and works of wood carving. It was nice to see that though wounded, the town is still alive and  hasn't lost its charm and beauty.


The Art of Kimono

Japanese girl in kimono photo courtesy Stefan Schlautmann

One of the things that I would definitely like to try on one day is a kimono. Such a simple in its construction garment yet so beautiful and elegant it looks on a woman. And the prints and motifs that decorate some special occasion pieces? They are simply fascinating, real works of art decorated with brush painting, embroidery, tie-dyeing, applique and even with gold and silver.


Navy blue maxi dress

Navy blue maxi dress, pure silk blue headscarf

Summer has come here already, the daytime temperature ranges between 28C and 32C. Just the time for my new maxi dress in navy blue. It is sleeveless, of a loose silhouette and the cotton fabric is so thin and light. Today I am wearing it on its own, accessorized with jewelry and a scarf worn as a headband. The scarf is of the thinnest, lightest pure silk fabric, I brought it from Vietnam last year. I feel that you see this dress and this scarf not for the last time on the blog, I like them too much.