Patterned coat

Patterned coat with pockets

Winters are very short in Kathmandu, one needs wearing a coat or a jacket for no longer then one month. So, one doesn't need to have a variety of coats and jackets as there will be no time enough to wear them all. And definitely I didn't need yet another coat into my wardrobe. And I didn't plan to buy any. But...how could I leave this one? The pattern, the colour...and those pockets...I couldn't resist.


Folk style in winter

Folk style in winter

On the 1 of every month Natalia from the In The Writer's Closet blog, along with her co-hosts Tina and Beate, feature a link up called Modish Matrons (Natalia gives an interesting explanation where the name of the link up came from). Each month one of the three ladies presents a theme that inspires her. The January's theme is Russian Winter Fairy Tale. And here is my interpretation of the theme.


What to wear at work: cracking office dress codes

what to wear at work business formal look

*this is not a sponsored post
I am not a big fan of posts starting with "how to dress for..." or "what to wear to...". For me they seem rather disrespectful as if my readers are not smart enough to figure out themselves what to wear for a walk in the park or how to dress for a cocktail party. However, there is one area where one can indeed feel uncertain or confused about "what to" and "how to". I am talking about dressing at work. No one wants to provoke perplexity of one's colleagues or displease one's boss with inappropriate look. Everybody wants to look smart, fashionable and in accordance with environment - not underdressed or overdressed. And the line between "under", "over" and "appropriate" can be a very thin line indeed. Sometimes you are confused for yourself and sometimes it is your other half that is at a loss and asks you for help (happened with me many times). Browsing the net in search of the suitable "how to" and "what to" can be really time consuming...Besides, there are many incompetent advice-givers outthere nowadays, whose advice can I trust? So, no wonder when T.M.Lewin  sent me their guidelines to work dressing I agreed to write a post featuring their graphic.


Sparkling peacock party dress

New Year Party look

Happy New Year my dear friends and readers! May 2017 bring love, luck and happiness to all of you! According to Chinese horoscope this year is the year of the Rooster. I know, cock and peacock are not same thing but still, they ought to be related somehow. Perhaps, peacock is just a more fancy version of rooster, haha. Why am I talking about this? While choosing what to wear for a New Year party I came upon this dress decorated with a giant embroidered peacock. And I thought, well, it would be nice to welcome year of the cock in a dress depicting a pea-cock... Well, I guess I would wear this dress anyway be it year of the Dragon or any other because it is so beautiful and so sparkly...


Pleated silk skirt and romantic blouse: my Christmas look

Christmas outfit

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Today I am showing what my Christmas celebration outfit was. It was a mixture of different styles: romantic chiffon blouse paired with a pleated silk maxi skirt and golden sporty boots and  accessorized with Indian bag and colourful necklace.