Indian wedding party

In the beginning of December we were invited to a wedding in Jaipur. This Indian city is like a dream itself and to attend a wedding there would be like to find oneself in a fairy-tale. I especially want to see a groom arriving to the bride's house on an elephant. The invitation, actually four of them for each day of the four-day-long celebration, is one of the most beautiful I've ever received.


Green pashmina sweater

This green pashmina sweater I bought at the recent Christmas bazaar (25% off on the occasion!). Turns out this is my first pashmina sweater - I've had a couple of shawls and scarfs but not a single sweater. This one attracted me with a nice shade of green and with an interesting Chinese motif pattern.


Turkish beauties of the 1930s in traditional costumes

Baggy salvar pants, front-opening fitted gown entari worn over a chemise or shift, long-sleeved short jacket mintan, outer robe kaftan, small pillbox hat and large veil, woven sash - those are the elements of traditional woman's dress of Turkey that can be seen on these vintage 1930s photographs. Compromise between emerging western and traditional Ottoman ideas however is also noticeable: the dress is traditional, but not entirely.


Tartan button down skirt

Once again my favourite orange-and-green combination. The knitted orange top is rather a summery garment but worn over the turtleneck works good for colder days too. The skirt is the only thing in my wardrobe in tartan pattern. All the more reason to love it.


Eco-friendly jewelry

My today's post is about unique and unusual jewelry. Look at the yellow and black necklace that I am wearing on the photo above and try to guess what it is made of. The material is of natural origin, handmade, not expensive, light, durable, eco-friendly. Any ideas?
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