Black and white geometrical print dress

black and white geometrical print dress

This dress I am wearing here seems to be one of those types that look really nice in reality but...mmm...not so good on photos. I mean look at me...I look one, or maybe even two, sizes bigger than I am. I don't know what is the matter: the pattern, the jersey fabric, the design or maybe combinations of all those. This dress is just not made for photo shoots. Anyway I wanted you to see it, It is light and comfy and I really like the pattern.


Kente, Royal Cloth of the Ashanti

Kente inspired mini dressKente inspired dress by Victoria Pettersson Henry source

Some time ago I wrote a post dedicated to the spectacular gold ornaments of the Ashanti (Asante). But besides their gold the Ashanti are famous as creators of one of the most spectacular elite dress in all of Africa. I am talking about kente. Kente is a large cloth about two by four meters for men and one by two meters for women made up of 16 to 24 long and narrow (3-5 inches wide) loom-woven strips sewn together. According to legend the first weaver learnt his skill by studying the way in which a spider - a symbol of treachery and wisdom in Ashanti folklore - spun its web.


Floral dress with pockets

Monsoon floral dress worn with platform sandals

Yesterday it was four months since the major earthquake here in Nepal. Not that long, just four months but honestly it seems to me now that much much more time has passed. During first two months after the event it had been constantly on my mind but now I rarely think about it though we still experience aftershocks (just the other day a 5.1 temblor was felt in Kathmandu). Most of the destroyed buildings have been demolished by now though collapsed walls and cracked houses can still be seen here and there. Yet eyes got used to the sight and it doesn't look as disturbing as during the first months. I feel completely myself again. Life is going on as if nothing ever happened. Interesting, isn't it? Well, today I am wearing a new dress and new shoes. The floral beauty is from Monsoon. As always with this brand I was attracted by the lovely print which combines so many colours yet doesn't look overwhelming. It actually reminds me of Mughal floral paintings.


Wedding dress with a twist

Non traditional wedding dress

Today is a bit different post. Different in the way that I am not showing off one of my outfits but just modelling for someone else. And it is not just an outfit but a wedding dress! And not a typical wedding dress but one with a twist. First, it is not white but ivory; second, ivory is combined with purple. And purple is not the colour that one would associate with bridal dresses.


Animal prints dress

Different animal prints dress

I have featured this animal print dress before but no harm in showing it off again. I bought it in Belarus and the fabric it is made from contains five different animal prints. I can't even define all of them. There are definitely zebra and leopard there but I am not sure about others. Never mind, I like how they all look together. The chunky heel shoes are new, found them in a local boutique. They are light and rather comfy.
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