Baroque print cropped pants

White cotton top over baroque print cropped pants

It has been raining for the whole week, with occasional thunder and hailstones. Yesterday was the first fully sunny day and finally I could take a few photos. We went out for lunch and my look was rather simple and casual: a white cotton top over baroque print cropped pants. The pants are a recent purchase as well as the sandals. The purse was gifted to me some time ago but it was the first time that I actually used it.


Checkered shirt and African print skirt

Checkered shirt, African print skirt

My today's look is inspired by Stella Jean's Spring Summer 2015 collection which I liked tremendously. Bright and colourful African theme prints are paired with checkered shirts, football jerseys or polka dots. It was only her third proper showing and she is already known for her "wax-and-stripes" signature. Wax for the wax-resist prints she develops in Africa and her mother's native Haiti and stripes borrowed from her father's Italian-made shirts. The pairing of African prints and Italian stripes allows her to bring two cultures together to show they can coexist.


Madhubani print t-shirt

Madhubani style print t-shirt

What can be more prosaic than a t-shirt-pants look? And actually this is not something that I like to wear. But there are places and situations when one is preferably be dressed as casual as that. To somehow spice up such a casual look I chose t-shirts with an interesting print and add some interesting jewelry. My today's t-shirt is decorated with a print in Madhubani style.


Outfit in yellow and blue

Yellow crochet cardigan

It's been some time since I wore these navy blue jeans. They used to be one of my favourite. I liked darkness of the colour, slightly flared bottom and perfect fit. But you know how it is - you are fond of a piece, wear it often and then you become really tired and bored of it. And you bury it in the farthest corner of your closet and forget all about it. Then one day you accidentally dig it out. And all of a sudden you are in love with the piece again and impatient to put it on and style it in a new interesting way.


Indian jewelry: meenakari

Meenakari pendant. Northern India, 18th century. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The art of enamelling is called meenakari in India. It was introduced by the Mughals during the seventeenth century. Later skilled meenakars from the Mughal palace were brought and established in Jaipur, which became the centre of meenakari work. Today there are two major jewelry enamelling centres in India with its own distinctive traditional style of work: Jaipur and Benares. The highest quality enamelled jewelry still can be found in Jaipur and some of the finest work being made today is comparable in every way with the best of the Mughal jewelry.
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