Black and white stripes dress

The calendar says it is still summer but the autumn's breath is in the air. It is already too cold for sleeveless maxi dresses or for bare legs. But warm enough for this knitted tunic to wear with skinny jeans. Minimalistic black and white look today. The stripes of different width combined in different directions create an interesting pattern.


Jungle bomber jacket: three ways to wear

I am not a big fan of bomber jackets but when I saw this one I simply couldn't resist strong urge to own it. First of all, it is made of light delicate polyester. Secondly, and it is obvious, the print is so catchy and just the kind that I always like. The back of the jacket is especially beautiful: there is sunset (or perhaps sunrise), there is a leopard and there is a tiger. The splashes of purple I imagine to be some gigantic tropical orchids.


Flowers and butterflies dress

We're still enjoying nice summer weather here in Belarus. And I'm still enjoying my nice summer dresses. This one I bought at one of the local markets in Kathmandu. Flowers of different type, colour and size decorate the upper and the lower parts of the dress. And bright butterflies flutter over those flowers. A very summery print.


Mixed prints maxi dress

Hello from Belarus! I have been in my native country for almost a week now. Surprisingly, the weather here is more summery than it was back in Nepal: so very sunny and really hot, above 30. Usually it is much colder here at this time of the year. Anyway, one never knows what to expect from mother nature at this part of the world and so I took a few nice summer dresses with me, just in case. And now I am happy that it was not in vain and I can wear them. This particular maxi dress is a recent purchase and it has already become one of my favourites. Love its fitted top and flowing bottom and of course the beautiful print which combines several different patterns.


Zebra-fashionista top

Though I usually prefer bright colours and prints but sometimes I feel like wearing white. We all know that it is a perfect colour for sunny days because it reflects sunlight. One feels cooler even by just looking at someone dressed in white. Perhaps it is because white is associated with such really cold things as snow and ice-cream? Anyway, the monotony and purity of white in my today's outfit is broken by this really cute print of a very fashionable zebra in a turquoise cardigan.
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