Cambodian Apsara dance costume

cambodian apsara dancer

Recently I have visited Cambodia and while being impressed by the architectural wonders of the Angkor Wat I was absolutely captivated by the Cambodian Classical Apsara dance. This dance is very slow and delicate and every gesture and pose is full of effortless grace and beauty. And not only I was charmed by the dance itself but by the costumes of the performers.
Apsaras are celestial dancers who entertain the gods and kings in Hindu mythology. They are spirits representing water and clouds (since the fluidity of the dance). The power of Apsaras over men is beyond comparison as both mortals and divinities cannot resist the charms of the celestial dancers. The Apsara dance already existed in the 6th-7th centuries. Hundreds of Apsaras are depicted on the stone carved walls of the Angkor site, especially in Angkor Wat and the ancient city of Angkor Thom and costumes of the present day Apsara dancers are based on those carvings.


Vintage vibe modern look gingham dress

black and white gingham check dress

I have never been a big fan of checks, especially of gingham checks. Throughout my whole life I remember owning only one gingham dress, and it was in my 20s. It was a bright blue-purple checks dress and I really loved it. Also I remember having a black-and-white checks shirt and... that's it. Not much. But recently I have come upon a gingham dress that totally fall in love with literally from the first sight. And this is the dress I'm showing here today. Look how happy this dress's making me:)


Cat blouse for a cat woman

cats and stripes long sleeved blouse worn in smart style

I have always loved cats...since my childhood. And I not only love cats, I am sort of obsessed with them if to be honest. I have a collection of cat figurines, I have cat toys, I have cat mugs, I have cat bed sheets and towels...And of course, I have cat print things in my wardrobe. And it is not just one or two items: I've got several t-shirts, a dress, a skirt, sweaters, scarfs and a few blouses. And today I'm wearing yet another new cat print blouse from Zara. What I like about this particular print is that it's not just cats but stripes as well. The blouse is 100% polyester and have a silky feeling, it has buttons on the back and a sash-like belt.


Pleated silk maxi skirt semi-casual way

Silk pleated skirt worn with a shirt

Perhaps some of you remember this skirt of mine. It is 100% silk and that was the main reason I bought this skirt. I am kind of a sucker for natural fabrics. However, I am not a big fan of pleats: first, they tend to make you look bigger in a certain part of your body; second, those pleats make it hard finding a good matching top for the skirt. So many things that I had tried with this skirt looked either weird, or silly, or awkward etc. Anyway, it IS possible to find a matching piece.


New necklaces

Those who have been following my blog definitely know about my weakness for jewelry. Pieces in my collection are not really expensive, what attracts me is an interesting design or colours combination, stones or handcraft work. And today I want to show you new additions to my collection, necklaces only. And the first one is a glass necklace from Monsoon. This one was gifted to me by my daughter who obviously knows my taste well enough to chose a piece that I would love. And I do love it!