Summer outfits throwback: Belarus

Violet skirt and top and fuchsia jacket

Hello! Seems like after three months vacation it is so hard to get back to my usual everyday routine. Anyway, here are a few more summer outfits that I haven't shown before. These were worn during my stay in Belarus. Luckily, the weather in Belarus was so much better that in London and so, I could finally show off some of my summer dresses that had been collecting dust in my suitcase while I was in London.
 I like bright colour palette of this first look. The fuchsia jacket looks stunning against the violet of the top underneath. The pleated skirt in slightly darker violet is made from silk. It is so delicate and soft and light - a pure pleasure to wear.


Summer outfits throwback: London

Neon orange dress

Today's post features some of the outfits that I wore during my stay in London and haven't got time to show them on the blog earlier. There will be quite a few of them as weather in the UK at the time of my visit was not that great and didn't give many chances for dressing up. Anyway, here we go...The orange dress from Ted Baker that I wore for afternoon tea...The colour is simply fantastic...a real highlighter...you won't pass by unnoticed...Between us, I call this dress "a scuba dress" because its fabric reminds me of that used for scuba driving costumes, haha...I would baked in such a dress in Nepal but it is ok for London.


Floral overdress

Floral overdress worn with mini dress

Hello! I am back in Nepal but there will be a few posts with outfits that I wore in Belarus. Took photos but had no time and, if to be honest, no much wish to post from there. I feel like doing other things while on holidays rather then be busy with blogging. Today I'm showing a floral overdress that I wore with a black mini dress. The first thing that attracted me in this overdress was floral print and the second, those gorgeous sleeves.


Indian motifs jeans

Indian motifs jeans, white top and india inspired accessories

Those who know my love for everything Indian will understand why I couldn't resist buying these jeans. They are from Desigual and their price was a bit higher than I usually am ready to pay for jeans. Anyway, the Indian style bright and colourful details plus perfect fit made me change my mind. And I have to say that I simply love these jeans...Here I am wearing them with simple white top from Indian Biba accessorized with Indian inspired bracelets and a necklace from Monsoon. Perfect match!


Floral summer coat

Floral print summer coat

As we all know summers in Europe are quite unpredictable and some days can be quite chilly and one has to wear a sweater or a jacket on such days. But look what a lovely alternative to those sweaters and jackets I found in Belarus - a summer coat. It is very light but will keep you warm when temperature outside drops to 17- 19C and it looks so lovely, like a dress. I especially like its delicate floral print.