Cat-woman t-shirt for picnic in the hills

On Monday it was the first day of the new year here and so it was a day off. On this days the Nepalese like to go somewhere up in the hills for a picnic. And so did we. We went to a place called Kakani, it is at a height of 2073 m. The place offers cooler, fresher air and breathtaking views of the Himalayas...when the weather is sunny. Alas, at that day the sky was grey and gloomy and it looked like it was going to rain. So, no breathtaking views of the snowy peaks. Anyway, the place was nice and though the views were not that stunning they were pleasant enough to enjoy them.


Ethnic outfit for ethnic theme dinner

On Monday a new year (2071 by the way) started here in Nepal according to the local calendar. On the Eve we went to celebrate to a Rana-era-inspired restaurant famous for its unique interior and delicious traditional food. For such a place I wanted to wear something ethnic. And chose these red Patiala pants that you're already seen (here) and a new kurta-vest set from Biba. When I saw it in their boutique, instantly I liked the vibrant purple colour of the kurta but the vest turned out to be simply irresistible for me.


Crazy print black summer dress

I am not saluting anybody here. It was just too much sunny and I didn't want to be photographed in the sunglasses. Another dress from Biba (Indian). I am in love with its crazy print. And with the design. Look at the next photo


Sari forever

For some official events here in Nepal wearing a sari is a must for all the invited women including foreigners. I love sari, it is such a feminine, elegant and undoubtedly beautiful variant of traditional Indian dress. Literally speaking the sari is just a piece of fabric of about 4-8 m long and about 120 cm wide. And it is amazing that by draping it around the body it can be transformed into such a beautiful item of women's clothing. Of course, draping a sari requires experience and skills. And that is exactly what I lack. Theoretically I know how to drape it but practically it just doesn't work that smoothly and I have to re-drape it again and again. As a result draping a sari takes so much time for me. And I get tired and often annoyed in the process. But the final look is worth all the effort I guess.


Sky-blue blazer

What other colour combination can be more classic and summery than white and blue? Crystal clear blue skies, fluffy white clouds - a perfect image of a summer day. Another association with these colours - blue sea and white sails of a yacht. I bought this sky-blue linen blazer last year in Belarus. Was attracted by its colour mainly but the fabric also played its role in making me purchase the blazer, it is good for hot weather.
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