Pattern mixing

Today I am mixing prints. Both of them are rather bright and prominent on their own, still I decided to pair them together. And I really like the result! The skirt is of corduroy with some paisley and flowers all over it. The top is a mixture of rayon and spandex and its print consists of geometrical as well of floral patterns. Both prints contain turquoise and pink colours which connect the skirt and the top together.


Multi-patterned skirt

Navy blue shirt and floral+stripes embroidered skirt

I have never considered navy blue as one of my favourite colours. But turns out I have many things of this shade in my wardrobe. Don't know how it happened, guess, I have had a secret love for navy blue that I myself was not aware of. This shirt is one of the pieces from my "collection in navy blue". Nothing so much special about it except that its colour is really rich and deep and fabric is light and delicate. Another matter is the skirt, you cant't call it an ordinary pencil skirt: there are stripes, there are different print details, there are flowers and there is embroidery on it.


Summer garden dress

Butterflies floral summer dress

Today I'm wearing yet another summer dress. It slightly reminds of the little floral dress I've shown recently: shorter length, loose silhouette and even floral print though here the flowers are much smaller and there are butterflies all over it. It is the third dress in my wardrobe that has butterflies motif in its print.


Orange maxi skirt and carnelian necklace

Embroidered orange maxi skirt

You have seen all the things in this outfit before, in different combinations. So, nothing actually new today, except for the necklace. It is made from cornelian, I like the rich orange colour of this stone. And it happens to match with that of the skirt. Cornelian has been a favourite protective stone since the days of ancient Egypt when it was a preferred gem for making the heart-shaped amulets that gave it its name (from the Latin for heart cor). The ancient Greeks believed that the carnelian could satisfy all the heart's desires and Muslims called it the Mecca stone since it could make wishes come true. It is also believed that if placed under a pillow it will bring happy dreams. So many nice qualities though I bought it just because of its beautiful colour.


Little floral dress

Floral print dress

This little dress is among my summer favourites. The floral print just screams "summer!", the loose silhouette and just-above-the knees length prevent fabric sticking to the body and let the light breeze freely ventilate me through. For monsoon with its still high temperatures, no wind and great humidity such a dress is a must-wear.
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