Jewelry purchases: necklaces

Coral imitating beads necklace

Today I want to show you a few of my recent jewelry purchases, all necklaces as it turns out. They all are made in Nepal and the first three are from same brand, Women's expressions, though I bought them at different time, not all at once. The coral imitating necklace is the very latest addition to my collection, I bought it just a week ago during an International Fair Trade. The Women's Expressions always participate in such kind of events and it is actually there that I purchase their pieces, because they don't have a retail boutique. The necklace caught my eye straight away: bright red colour, interesting design and simply beautiful in overall. Being made from simple beads it looks so striking. And it was not expensive. That's how it looks on me


Knit dress in bright copper

Copper knit dress with geometric patterns

Surprisingly it is still rather chilly here, still one needs a cardigan or a sweater and some people still go around in jackets though usually it is nice warm whether at this time of the year. So, here is my chance to wear this new knit dress in bright copper colour. Seems like this colour has been my personal favourite this season: I bought a coat, a sweater and a scarf in different shades of copper plus this dress.


Embroidered party jacket

Embroidered Indian party jacket with lehenga

I keep adding new pieces into my collection of Indian party ensembles. Today it is a long jacket that is worn over a lehenga (skirt). Not much can be seen of the lehenga itself, only its ornamented hem and a little bit of its body when I move. The jacket is of black velvet and heavily embroidered with silk and metallic threads and additionally decorated with rhinestones along the hem lines. So, thanks to all this decoration the jacket is quite heavy. Plus the lehenga too is on the heavier side. However, I am ready to bear all that heaviness because it looks stunning.


Fringed poncho

Tiger poncho over maxi skirt

What I'm wearing today is yet another poncho. Can't say that I am such a big fan of poncho style but somehow I ended up having several in my wardrobe. Couldn't resist a big cat's face on this particular one. It is made of thin acrylic and is good for slightly cool weather. Also there is a golden metallic thread incorporated into the fabric so it glitters slightly under the sun.


Bomber jacket over maxi dress

Embroidered bomber worn over black maxi dress

It is still February on the calendar but it is already spring here: the days are warm and sunny and the peach tree in my yard is in full bloom. I'm wearing today a new bomber thrown over a black maxi dress. The jacket was recently gifted to me by my daughter who decided that I am a big fan of bombers, hehe. I do own two bombers but the reason I bought them was their hard-to-resist beautiful print. And though I am not a big fan of bombers I do love this new one too, and for the same reason - its beautifully embroidered pattern.