Paisley autumn dress

It's time to show you my second autumn dress that I bought in Belarus (the first one is here). Its design is really very simple but I fall in love with the print: paisley motif in lovely autumn shades. Still I would not be able to wear it during the day time but we were going out for dinner and in the evenings the air is quite chill already. I even had to wear a blazer over the dress.


Orange maxi skirt

1 November, late autumn...But though mornings and evenings have become colder it is still summer here. Still I can wear my summer clothes. This maxi skirt in bright orange as well as the linen shoes I bought in Belarus. The skirt is of light cotton and decorated with nice embroidery. The shoes too are very light and comfortable.


My Halloween outfit

Usually I don't go to any Halloween parties but this year close friends invited us to one such party and it was not possible to refuse. So I had to think up what to wear. I didn't want to be dressed in a costume of some particular movie or cartoon personage, I just wanted to look Halloween-ish. And here came this outfit which to myself I call "a Halloween-ish doll". But if I wore a different head piece and a white apron I would look a Halloween-ish waitress...I guess there are some other variations...A versatile look indeed.


Good Morning, Nepal! - IMPREINT's "Portraits" collaboration post

Recently I was invited to join an international photography project "Portraits" started by a London-based artist IMPREINT. The artist collects portraits of different people holding a common item - a balloon. Why a balloon? While painting a project "1000 balloons" a couple of years ago the artist came to the idea that we people are just like those balloons: all different, imperfect yet all beautiful. And he decided to start this new project "Portraits" where the balloon symbolizes the common ground that we all have not depending on age, shape, skin colour, culture background, social status: we all are human beings, we all can love, hate, cry, laugh, feel pain or feel happiness.
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