Casual wear: flowers and berries tunic over cropped skinnies

Casual wear summery top with cropped berry coloured skinnies

It is October already, the second month of fall, but the weather here is still so summery, I still sleep with open windows. Monsoon is over and it is really nice outside - no scorching heat, neither excessive humidity. At least one more month of warm summer days ahead. No wonder my clothes are still "shouting" summer, like today's tunic - all flowers and berries and a couple of butterflies here and there.


Blue elephants crop top

Global Desi mustard yellow maxi skirt and blue elephants crop top

I read quite a lot personal style blogs and in many of them women do such a thorough analyse of their outfits: how they found this or that garment, for what reason they were attracted to it, what they were thinking while looking at that thing and why they decided to buy it at the end. Then goes the second part, with same whats and whys, now about pairing the bought garment with this or that particular thing from their wardrobe. To be honest some of such analyses are quite boring but there are others that are really interesting to read...Anyway, my point is that all those women manage to write quite large chunks of texts. Alas, for me it is always a struggle to write about my own outfits.


Sea horse jewelry

Sea horse earrings

Just showing off today my new sea horse earrings that I found recently in a local boutique. Nothing that much special about them, bijouterie, and yet I couldn't resist them, so cute and pretty they seemed to me. I believe it is the sea horse design that attracted me in the first place. That's how the earrings look on me. Obviously, any sea theme jewelry would look great accessorizing a nautical outfit and so I am wearing one here.


Little black dress and chunky shoes

Little black dress with crochet details worn with chunky shoes

What can be easier to style than a little black dress? And though I prefer wearing colours once in a while I feel like trying a monochrome look. I have just two black dresses in my wardrobe. One is a midi length more-of-a-posh style lace dress and another is a more casual variant that by different choice of accessories can look from super casual to slightly smart. And here I am wearing this second dress. Simple silhouette, viscose fabric, black colour - all seems like a very boring combination. But those rich crochet details on the top and bottom parts instantly turn the dress into a beautiful piece.


Floral maxi skirt for a dinner out

Floral maxi skirt worn with a white top

I bought this satin maxi skirt some time ago but had not had a chance to take it for an outing until yesterday. There are usually not many events during monsoon here, don't know why, but it is always like this during the rainy season - a kind of lull. So when I was invited for a semi formal dinner the other day I instantly remembered about this skirt and thought that its time had come finally.
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