Floral print skirt and blue accessories

Floral print skirt with yellow top and blue accessories

Another summer outfit in the middle of Autumn. Still warm here but mornings and evenings are getting colder and soon it will not be possible to go sleeveless. But for now I can and I do. It was impossible not to fall in love with this skirt. I am such a sucker for floral prints especially for such beautiful as this one.


"Old Delhi" print dress

60s vibe printed dress with large beads

One third of October is behind and still I can wear a sleeveless dress. Isn't it cool? This dress is new and of course I wanted to show it off before weather changes. It has the 60s vibe and the first thing that attracted me in it was this lovely Old Delhi print. I also liked the colours combination - very sunny, very joyous, very pretty.


Mystical creatures dress and ethnic style jewelry

Mystical creatures dress

This is a very simple tunic-like dress and the main reason I purchased it is its so lovely print depicting some kind of mystical creatures. The dress is very loose and better to be worn with a belt. However if your aim is to hide your figure then wear it on its own. Besides being so loose the dress has side slits and I would not recommend to put it on on a windy day - it can reveal just too much. As there is hardly any wind in Kathmandu (except the place where I usually take photos, ha) no need to worry about that for me.


Summer outfits throwback: Belarus

Violet skirt and top and fuchsia jacket

Hello! Seems like after three months vacation it is so hard to get back to my usual everyday routine. Anyway, here are a few more summer outfits that I haven't shown before. These were worn during my stay in Belarus. Luckily, the weather in Belarus was so much better that in London and so, I could finally show off some of my summer dresses that had been collecting dust in my suitcase while I was in London.
 I like bright colour palette of this first look. The fuchsia jacket looks stunning against the violet of the top underneath. The pleated skirt in slightly darker violet is made from silk. It is so delicate and soft and light - a pure pleasure to wear.


Summer outfits throwback: London

Neon orange dress

Today's post features some of the outfits that I wore during my stay in London and haven't got time to show them on the blog earlier. There will be quite a few of them as weather in the UK at the time of my visit was not that great and didn't give many chances for dressing up. Anyway, here we go...The orange dress from Ted Baker that I wore for afternoon tea...The colour is simply fantastic...a real highlighter...you won't pass by unnoticed...Between us, I call this dress "a scuba dress" because its fabric reminds me of that used for scuba driving costumes, haha...I would baked in such a dress in Nepal but it is ok for London.