Beautiful Japanese dolls in traditional dresses

Some time ago there was an exhibition at the Japanese embassy dedicated to traditional dolls of Japan. Couldn't miss it because firstly, still have this childish weakness for dolls; second, Japanese dolls are really something special, they were created not as toys for children but like some type of art to admire; and third, those dolls are dressed in traditional clothes which would never fail to arouse my interest. Besides, Japanese culture has always been fascinating to me. At the exhibition I could not only enjoy the beautiful dolls but find out something new from the information written on the stands.


Birthday dress

Monsoon maxi summer dress with jungle print and beaded neckline

I've had this maxi dress in my wardrobe for some time but it was yesterday that I wore it for the first time. It was my birthday yesterday and on this day I always want to wear something nice and new, so I've kept the dress especially for this occasion. What I like about the dress is that it can be easily worn both in a casual or in a more smarter look.


Casual pink

Pink and stripes cotton button down dress with cat applique

In spite of monsoon some days are still very hot here. And so, this simple cotton dress is a good choice to wear on such days. Usually I don't wear pale pink and perhaps I would not buy this dress myself but it was a gift from my mom. And I come to love the dress. The cat applique and stripes made it easier for me to accept this shade of pink.


Stripes and polka dot mixing

Stripes and polka dot pattern mixing

There are three things that I like combined in this one outfit: polka dot, stripes and red colour. Well, actually four things, because the maxi length I like too. So, this look is a real mood booster for me, no way of becoming grumpy or low while wearing it. I found the skirt absolutely accidentally in a small shop near my house that I usually don't visit. The skirt was on a mannequin put outside on the road near the shop and while passing by I spotted it immediately. I liked not only the colour and print but the flowing design too.


Yet another Anarkali!

Anarkali party dress in purple, golden and green

On Monday we were invited to the celebration of the 50th wedding anniversary of an Indian couple. That was the first time that I attended someone's Golden Wedding. What a great occasion! What a great achievement I would say! It is very touching to see two people who spent so many years together, through all the challenges, disappointments, battles, ups and downs that life brings. They looked happy and excited, a little bit confused of all the fuss and attention.
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