Autumn dress in earthy brown

Gorgeous weather continues to amaze: it is still sunny and warm. I still wear dresses and still go out barelegged. This dress in earthy brown is a new purchase, its fabric is of viscose/polyester/spandex mixture and decorated with small embroidered flowers. Perhaps I would wear different shoes with this dress but as I have not many pairs with me here to chose from I wore the yellow wedges. Yellow is an earthy colour too and so the wedges are in harmony with the dress and with autumn. 


Mystic jewelry by Valeria Myrusso

Bone cat brooch

When I first saw jewelry by Ukrainian designer Lera Procopets who works under pseudonym Valeria Myrusso I experienced mixed feelings; her creations are surreal, sometimes a bit disturbing or even creepy (in her collection you can find, for example, a crow skull pendant or bone phalanges hairpins) but nevertheless strangely beautiful and mysteriously appealing. Lera often gets inspired by fairy tales, myths and legends and so, images of many odd creatures appear on her jewelry. She works with polymer clay, coral, semiprecious stones, shells, metal though some of the details she simply finds at flea markets. Each piece of her handcrafted jewelry is unique, there are no replicas or duplicates in her collections.


Outfit in navy blue

Autumn...The weather is still nice, the sun is not harsh but warm and caressing and morning air is refreshingly chill. I am still enjoying my time in Belarus. You've already seen me wearing this navy blue maxi skirt many times but the long sleeved Desigual top is new, I bought it in Nepal before going to Belarus, the brand's prices there are three times cheaper.


Black and white stripes dress

The calendar says it is still summer but the autumn's breath is in the air. It is already too cold for sleeveless maxi dresses or for bare legs. But warm enough for this knitted tunic to wear with skinny jeans. Minimalistic black and white look today. The stripes of different width combined in different directions create an interesting pattern.


Jungle bomber jacket: three ways to wear

I am not a big fan of bomber jackets but when I saw this one I simply couldn't resist strong urge to own it. First of all, it is made of light delicate polyester. Secondly, and it is obvious, the print is so catchy and just the kind that I always like. The back of the jacket is especially beautiful: there is sunset (or perhaps sunrise), there is a leopard and there is a tiger. The splashes of purple I imagine to be some gigantic tropical orchids.
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