A walk in the forest and red-hot skinnies

As we had to cancel our weekend trip to jungles of Chitwan because of hot weather there we decided not to stay at home on Saturday but to visit another place and we went to Hattiban. It is a hill just 15 km from the Kathmandu. The top of the hill is covered with a forest which reminded me so very much of the forests in Belarus: though not same but very similar- looking trees and same smell of needles in the air. The name of the place literally means "elephant forest" and it is said that in the former times there were many elephants living there. However there is another version that the shape of the hill itself resembles an elephant.

I wore a cotton skirt in nice green colour and with large pockets, a floral print cotton T-shirt and a straw hat decorated with flowers. As there were many paths in the forest I didn't have to wade through, so I felt very comfortable in the outfit.

There is a hotel on the territory of the forest where one can stay overnight but we just dropped it at their restaurant to have a bottle of Sprite.

Spotted this cute little bird there

You might have started wondering what "red-hot skinnies" in the title of the post means. Well, according to the Nepalese calendar today is the first day of the new 2070. So, yesterday it was a New Year's Eve and in the evening we went for a dance party. I didn't take my camera with me and just took a few photos at home before leaving. I wore red skinny jeans that I had been looking for some time and finally have found, and a very sparkly black top. Plus a sparkly bangle on my hand. A very New Year-rish outfit :)

Have a nice day! Linking up with Patti's Visible Monday. Come and check out what other ladies wore.


  1. wow it seems you become with every post more gorgeous darling! i loooove your green skirt!!! and those skinnies fit you like a glove!

  2. Happy New Year, I hope it will be a brilliant one for you :)
    That forest looks amazing, I love those long slender trees & the bird is beautiful, looks like it is in mid song.
    I love both these outfits, the cotton skirt and Tee combo is a perfect get-up for a leisurely stroll through a stunning forest and you can't beat a pair of sassy red-hot skinnies and a glitzy top for an effortlessly glam evening look.
    You look FABULOUS!

  3. Oh, what a sexy outfit for new years party! So glam!!
    Love your photos in the forest! Just beautiful!

  4. What a lovely outfit! The green skirt and hat is charming. Your photos are beautiful and those tree are amazing.

    blue hue wonderland

  5. What gorgeous photos in the forest - you bring the faraway very close to home! Lovely outfits too, both of them - love the red skinnies. And thanks for sharing with Visible Monday : >

  6. Love the floral tee to go walking through the forest in - and what a forest! Great red jeans! It looks so lovely and warm where you are!

  7. Hello Olga,
    I would prefer celebrating New Years Day in a summer dress like you do. Your party dress rocks!
    In the floral skirt, the straw hat and the marvellous green skirt you look like a cute young gardener in a impressionists picture. So gorgeous!
    It's a wonderful area where you spent your time, so many old trees and so nice pathes to walk.

  8. Olga, looks like you are embracing Spring in full force! Love the floral top and that background of the forest is stunning!


  9. Love both of your outfits (the first is so feminine). The nature is very beautiful around Kathmandu. I'm glad you had a chance to explore and visit the forest on weekend.

  10. Your first out was playful and elegant, loved the casual outfit too, xoxo.

  11. Wow! Red hot is right ... great combination, lady! Don't you love red skinnies? And so spring-time-sweet in your little "walking costume." No one can say you don't have range in your style. So glad to see you enjoying your life!

  12. Those trees look interesting. Jungles of Chitwan, huh? Feels like I should go visit. By the way, the red hot pants look awesome on you.

  13. Ahhh, beautiful scenery! and you outfit just match! your outfit is very inspiring for a total spring look!


  14. That skirt looks amazing on you and that forest is so pretty!

  15. Both outfits are cute; I love the black sandals