From summer to autumn and Oxford street's Christmas windows

Hello from London! After "late summer" weather of Nepal I found myself in "middle autumn" of Britain. Came here on Thursday for some business and to see my daughters. Straight away I had to forget about dresses and wear so many other things instead: a sweater, tights, boots, a coat and even something for my head. This vintage woolen skirt in turquoise I bought in Kathmandu just a few days before my leaving. Thought it would be the right thing to wear in London.

On my PC I can see that the tights look rather blue but actually they are turquoise as well as the scarf. To add some bright contrast to the look I chose a beret in yellow. As I could take a limited amount of clothes with me I chose this black car coat because black goes well with all colours and its short length allows to create different looks by wearing different skirts.

This skirt I bought at the Oxford street. Fall in love with its lovely print. The sweater is my daughter's. It is really cool that I can borrow some clothes from my daughters, so no need to take many things with me as I can use theirs.

Many shops at the Oxford street have their windows Christmas decorated already. It really creates a festive mood.

I hope you're enjoying your day! 
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About my kitten. I managed to find one woman who agreed to take care of her until I am back. She is not that much experienced with cats but I hope that thanks to my numerous instructions she and the kitten will be fine. I named the kitten "Lucky". She is a real cutie and after having her with me for five days only I became so much attached to her.


  1. OH Olga, you just look so stunning with this clothing I love your coat, and skirt and also your shoes.
    It is the Christmas decoration already started. Anyway, I must be fun that you could travel India - U.K in this year :)
    Enjoy your time.

  2. You look amazing! I'm in love with the yellow beret :) Have a wonderful time in London!

  3. It's strange to see you all wrapped up but you still look fabulous, that beret really suits you and the knitted skirt is lovely! x

  4. OH, you look so different! But nevertheless gorgeous. Your color mix is amazing. I love the turquoise with the sunflower-yellow baret. Have a wonderful time with your girls.
    Hugs Sabine
    PS: I'm glad to read that the kitten is in good hands. Lucky - the name will be an omen.

  5. Olga you look so cute. Love the first one best, the striped skirt is gorgeous. Thx for sharing those lovely pics.
    enjoy your stay sweetie.

  6. Fall in London looks so beautiful - and so does your outfit. The hat is fantastic. Hope you're keeping warm, as well as having fun.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  7. You look gorgeous in your Fall outfit! How great to share with your daughters, too - it multiplies the fun. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  8. Olga se te ve preciosa, me encanta todo, muy lindo la boina preciosa!!!

  9. Beautiful pics! I adore your chic look! Hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  10. I love how talented you are to put fabulous colors together! Love the Christmas windows!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  11. You look lovely - and you're here! In the UK! How exciting!
    The teal/turquoise colours are lovely, your new skirt is so pretty, and I love the yellow beret.
    Selfridge's Christmas windows were always legendary, we sometimes went up to London for the day as kids in the 1960-70s to have a look at them!
    Good news about finding someone to kitten-sit while you are away! xxxx

  12. brit chic;) i love this teal / blue shades on you and your yellow hat. you look amazing! and wow those christmas windows are pieces of art!

  13. Happy travels in London! You do get out and about. All the blues work exactly right together ... they only need to "go" not "match!" Hope you've had a lovely time with your daughters. Awww ... a kitten. Hope she is well and I know she'll be glad to see you!

  14. It's always surprising to read about your grown up daughters, Olga, as you look so young yourself! :) I also want to compliment you on how organic you look in both worlds - Asia and Europe.

    These colors are very pretty on you, and I love the contrasting touch a lot!