A white cat black sweater

Again I am wearing "a cat on my chest", and again I am in black-and-white, except for the hint of red on the kitten's neck and the sweater's sleeves. The sweater was bought in London during my recent stay there. There were plenty of cute sweaters on sale, with deer, snowmen, Santa, Christmas trees, puppies and whatever else on them. But I felt it was all not quite what I wanted. And then finally, I found this black sweater with a white kitty on it that had won my sympathy instantly.

Went like this for the casual pre-New Year dinner with friends. Only girls. We spent time gossiping about men, discussing latest fashion, sharing "how to stay slim" secrets and... enjoying our food. Look what delicacies we had there:

varieties of bread

sea-food cocktail

fresh strawberry cakes

mini jamun (Indian sweets) with fresh strawberry fondue

apricot cheese cakes

It is getting colder here too and though it is sunny and quite warm during daytime, one needs a coat in the evenings. Not to break my black-and-white ensemble I wore my white faux fur coat that was bought 7 years ago. Still looks like new

Well, have a nice day everybody!
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  1. cute outfit love ur sweater :) those apricot cheese cakes look yummy :)


  2. Oh, Olga particularly the sweets look more than delicious. Please also share with me the secrets of how to stay slim :-)
    You look fabulous in your black and white frock. The kitten is so sweet, it is not surprising that you could not resist the sweater.

  3. It would have won my heart as well Olga. The sweater is totally cute. You look lovely in b/w. Delicious food.
    Happy New Year to you honey

  4. Love the coat and the cute cat jumper! Much nicer than silly Xmas ones! xxx

  5. aaaaw your kitty jumper is super adorable;) i got a homemade one for christmas from my mum too;) lovely look! and yummy looks that food delicious!

  6. How delicious dishes, the made me feel hunger!
    Cat is lovely, and you are beautiful as allways!

  7. Love your outfit, especially the kitty sweater. Gorgeous coat! Happy New Year, Olga.

  8. I had to laugh at the stay-slim-secrets shared with friends with so much delicious food!! You look like you have a few secrets of your own! Pretty, and I love the faux fur. XXOO

  9. My mouth is watering now looking at all those pictures of delicious food! It looks like you had a fab time. I love your outfit Olga, you always look so stylish. Happy New Year sweetie xx

  10. You look fantastic:)Gorgeous coat:)
    Happy New Year kisses Beata

  11. The kitty sweater is so adorable - I think you made just the right choice! Love the white coat too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xo

  12. Purrrrr-fect for the holidays! Pretty but sophisticated, especially with the white jacket. You're right ... still good! Hope you have a wonderful New Year, and a brilliant 2014 overall!

  13. You look adorable! Olga, Happy New Year!!! Wish you all the best and may all your dreams come true!!!

  14. With your red hair and red lipstick, you look stunning in black and white!

  15. Gorgeous kitty, and the monochrome looks very chic and dramatic on you, Olga. Mmm, all the food looks delicious! xxx

  16. What a cute sweater and I love your faux fur coat. I too laughed at sharing stay slim secrets surrounded by all of the gorgeous food you photographed. :D Whatever you are doing with your secrets, you look great!

  17. Another lovely look, Olga, and I cannot believe that you already have adult twin daughters. They are very pretty, by the way! You look so young!