Nepali kids in traditional outfits, part two

The post "Nepali kids in traditional outfits" is quite popular in my blog. So, here is part two with new photographs. This little beauty in green sari, as well at the one on the photo below, were spotted during a street festival. They were sitting at the stall collecting donations for a temple. Of course, nobody could just pass by seeing these lovely girls.

This boy is a member of a folkloric dance group. He is just four years old. The boys performed traditional "Monkey dance" of Bhaktapur town. They were all dressed in special traditional costumes of Bhaktapur, a bit worn out and in need of repair I have to say, but still lovely.

I like all the details: tassels, bells, anklets, plaques 

A few kids of Tibetan origin wearing traditional costumes during Tibetan Losar (New Year) celebrations.
This girl's head ornament is very unusual and unique. It consists of numerous turquoise and coral beads and a big amber stone at the centre. 

A girl wearing a red sari for her Coming of Age celebrations. A sari, bangles, mang tika forehead ornament, mehendi and even make-up - everything in a grown-up manner.


  1. Don't they look amazing? The colours are so vibrant and beautiful. I love the head ornament. xxx

  2. The little beauties are so lovely and the little boys so good looking! And all of them are wearing their garment so pridefully. These are fantstic pics dear Olga!
    Sabine xxx

  3. The kids are soooo cute! I'm loving all the colour, and madly scanning all the details for ideas I can adopt into my dress. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. This last girl is such a beauty but all look so fresh and real. Tibetan outfits are elegant, too a bit more minimal comparing to Indian outfits. But of course a lot more color and patterns that our kids wear.

  5. Beautiful, Olga, I love the pictures and the costumes. Such richness in details and elements; wow!

  6. The kids are looking so beautiful in their traditional outfits. Really your blog is too good. Thanks for sharing here with us.

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