Tropical dress

I love the print of this dress: flowers, lemons, oranges...So bright and colourful, so tropical. What I like not that much is that the dress has longer hem at the back. I've never been a fan of such design. But my liking of the print outweighed my dislike of the hem and I bought the dress. It is not new, it is almost three years old. Here I am wearing it with a blazer in Oxford.

In Kathmandu it is 30 degrees nowadays, so no need for any blazer. I just added a few pieces of amber jewelry to accessorize the dress.

My cat Funny tries to escape heat by sleeping in the ficus pot.

But after seeing me with my camera she left her haven to keep me company

Sharing with Patti's Visible Monday  link up

Dress - Wallis, shoes - Ria, amber necklace - bought in Belarus, amber ring - gifted, amber bracelet - bought in Nepal.

Have a nice day!


  1. I'm with you, not such a fan of the mullet hem, but I agree, the print on the dress is so wonderful, you had to have it! And you look so fabulous in it, I didn't really notice the hemline until you pointed it out! Gorgeous necklace too.
    Funny is such a pretty girl; one of my cats likes to sleep in the plant pots too! xxx

  2. I am also not a fan of this kind of design, because it focuses too much on my knees. But your knees are perfect and the dress is marvellous. Your yellow nails with the amber jewelry look fantastic. I also like your shoes they look super comfy.
    Have a fine week dear!
    Sabine xxx

  3. Olga the dress is insanely fabulous and you're wearing it so beautifully. I like the mullet hem, it's somehow different and adds some interest to dresses or skirts. Beautiful jewelry and I like your yellow nails. The cat is too cute.

  4. Gorgeous print, and beautiful necklace! It all suits your beauty so perfectly, Olga! Loved the photo of Funny in a pot. She is a beauty as well! :)

  5. A pretty dress for warm weather. Funny is cute. :)

  6. Love your look and dress!!!! Very summery!!! You look very slim in the dress too!!!! Cat Funny is sweet, you should have picked her up hhehe....

  7. That dress is such a wonderful fit and fabulous print that I missed the hem. Love your nails and that pretty choker, too.
    Funny lives up to her name! xxx

  8. Such a sweet kitty! Love this print and shape, and you look just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  9. It's a pretty dress - I love your style esp when you're in Oxford.
    I love it but it yellow and orange and I dont feel comfor with my dark skin hehe but it's perfect on you.
    Have a beautiful day.

  10. Pretty dress! I think the color and cut of this dress surpass the print.. I actually like it!

  11. Such a pretty dress, it looks great on you! Fab jewellery as well!! Hugs, Beata xxx

  12. Beautiful dress and accessories! (как раз под цвет твоих роскошных волос).

  13. What a lovely summery dress, Olga, and you wear it very elegantly. The jewelry and nail polish add nice touches!

    How cute, your cat!

  14. Proof positive that when life gives you a dress with lemons on it ... well, wear it anyway 'cause it looks wonderful on you. Lucky you with the legs to look great in this style. Or you could shorten it to a mini-flippy skirt. OR, you could chop a lot off and wear it as a peplum top!
    You always, always look completely pretty and you dress up whatever environment you choose to grace with your presence!

  15. Think the dress looks fabulous. Like you I'm not a fan of hems that are different lengths - they look great on other people, but I just feel odd in them.