Yellow is for summer!

Yellow stripes dress

Yellow is such a happy colour full of energy and positive. There are many shades of yellow of course but for me the first association with yellow that comes on mind is sunshine. Sunshine, summer, warmth, holidays...All nice and pleasant things...But I have never worn yellow before. I just avoided it without even trying it on. Why? I wonder...I guess I just thought that yellow would not suit me, that it is not my colour. But then one day not so long ago I finally decided to try something yellow on, not expecting much of it but mostly out of curiousity. To my surprise I liked myself in yellow: I looked instantly brighter and even felt more cheerful. So, now I have two yellow things in my wardrobe and I am really happy with them.

Yellow stripes dress, chamomile bag
Dress - Bossini, shoes - Delamode, bag - Mattioli

This stripy dress is made of knitted fabric. I like the combination of horizontal and diagonal stripes though they are said to be not that flattering for the figure.

Chamomile bag

Another yellow thing in my wardrobe is this bright lemony top. Here I am wearing it with a light blue linen skirt. The necklaces and the bracelet are made of glass beads.

Yellow top worn with light blue skirt and yellow sandals

Glass beads bracelet

As you can see I've cut my hair. Was not so happy with the result (to say the least). Went to another place to correct it a little bit. Looks better now, at least I can look at myself in the mirror without being upset or annoyed.

Yellow top worn with light blue skirt
Yellow top - Giordano, linen skirt - local, wedges - Delamode, glass beads necklaces and bracelet - local

How about you, do you wear yellow or is it not your colour?
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Have a nice day!


  1. Congrats to your hair cut. You look fabulous! I always found that have beautiful hair, lovely curls. The cut highlightens it. Gorgeous is also your yellow dress. A great look with the vintage BAG.
    Sabine xxx

  2. Wow!!!! You look so chic and French with this new hair cut!!!!! Love how you styled them!!!! I like you in yellow, it suits you very well!!!!

  3. Aww, yellow. My favorite all-time color. You look lovely. I especially love the first dress. It looks effortless and chill (as we say in California).

  4. And so you should Olga, because yellow suits you so well. The dress is gorg, love the whimsy touch of it, and hey it's striped ;) you know I am a sucker for stripes. And I want them shoes! Thse wedges are TDF!

  5. I love the 1920s vibe of your dress (especially with the shorter hair!), and those shoes are wow! Lovely in yellow, Olga! I don't have many yellow items, one of them is the light yellow blazer I showed just recently on the blog - yes, it's sunshine and joy to wear it. For some reason many believe that yellow is a tricky color to wear. So it messes us up - we try to avoid it. But you went ahead and tried it on, and here you are - proving that it is a gorgeous color on you! Love the stripes as well. But you know it of course - I wear stripes a lot.

    Isn't it annoying when haircut doesn't work? The best thing is - it'll grow! :) But I actually think you look pretty with your shorter hair. And of course it's easier in hot summer too.

  6. Looking amazing in both outfits! You cut your hair! Lovely! What a beautiful seed bead bracelet -- gold and blue -- I love this combination.

  7. You look gorgeous in both outfits, the colourful wedges make my heart race, they are stunners! Love the daisy bag and your new hair cut even if you're not so keen! x

  8. Love those colorful sandals! And you look wonderful in yellow, very pretty. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  9. I love yellow, and never understand why so many people insist they "can't" wear it - it's an instant pick-me-up, I think! Love the striped dress, and both pairs of wedges are awesome. I was just thinking to myself how great your hair looks shorter and curlier, it really suits you, Olga! xxx

  10. Love the yellow! Especially with that pale blue skirt. The heels on that first pair of shoes are outrageously gorgeous. And my heart beats hard for that bracelet! Nothing like glass beads to catch the light. XO JJ

  11. You look great in yellow! Of all the colors, I think the shade of yellow is what makes it work or not on us. Clearly you got it right. So cute with your fabulous figure and your bright sandals ... both outfits. I esprcially like the dress. Very flattering and you look like you could take on the world!
    And LOVE your haircut! Nice for a change, yes?

  12. Love the second outfit dear
    Your look beautiful and happy

  13. Awesome dress and lovely hair cut. Looking stunning


  14. I love yellow. The looks you are showing are very nice and they suis you so well.

    Your hair looks pretty to me, but I know how you can feel if it is not what you meant to expected. I have had three times in my life that I came back from a hairdresser crying. Nowadays I almost don't go anymore;-).