You never know with nature

Young woman with a child standing in front of earthquake damaged house in Sankhu, Nepal

Just a few days ago I read a scientific article that said that possibility of major earthquake (7 and higher) in Nepal in the coming week was just 0.1%. And today, when I was about to do a new post on my blog, it hit the country again, the major one, 7.3. The odds were so small and still it happened. It is really nerve-racking. People had just started to calm down and now this...
Again there is a chaos in the streets, again all the shops are closed, again everybody is scared, again there is no electricity. At least, internet and phone network still work.
Just yesterday we went to a small town on the outskirts of Kathmandu, to give some relief material to people in need. Every family in our neighbourhood as well as my husband's organisation donated some money and we bought rice, lentils, oil, sugar, salt, mattresses, blankets and zing sheets. This used to be a charming medieval town, I had visited it before one time during a local festival. And this is how it looks now. So heart breaking...

Earthquake destroyed streets of Sankhu, Nepal

Local men sitting near destroyed house in Sankhu, Nepal

People who has lost their house live in such tents in the field now

people queuing to receive the relief material 

We were able to give help to 30 families. It is not much but every little counts.

Our group

After this new earthquake new casualties and new collapsed houses are being reported. This country doesn't deserve it.
Please, help Nepal. This beautiful country will not be able to recover on its own.
You can donate through one of these organisations
To donate to Unicef UK's appeal just text DONATE to 70123 to give 5 pounds 
If you have a U.S. cell phone, you can text GIVE NEPAL to 80088 to make a $10 donation.
Thank you to all who has already donated and to those who are going to do it.


  1. Dear Olga, so heartbreaking... Thank you for your post, it is full of sorrow and love for the place you live - your Home. Justin and I will donate to Nepal, we hope that more people from around the world will come together and there will be enough help to recover soon. Sending you hugs and lots of love, dear friend! xxx

  2. Oh Olga, I heard this terrible story on the news, I'm so, so sorry, and we will donate again. Your photos of the damage and chaos really bring it home. I'm glad you are OK and in a position to help others, but it's up to all of us to contribute. Sending love. xxx

  3. I am glad you are ok, but I am so sorry to hear that it has happened again! xx

  4. That's terrible ....how so many towns and villages got destroyed. Very sad. Shocking photos and shocking news of today's about her big earthquake in Nepal. I am glad to hear you are ok. stay safe. Glad to hear also that you and your husband and many others are helping people. You are right...Every little counts and helps. Take care.

  5. As soon as awoke this morning the news was on my phone and I instantly thought of you, hoped and prayed for your safety and for your country. It is wonderful to see this post to know you are well, and heartbreaking to see the effects of the event. Every fiber of my being wishes I could be there to help however I could. Thanks so much for helping out, I know it is appreciated. Big hugs and wishes for a nice long time of peace for your area.

  6. I can't believe the news, as if you haven't suffered enough already. Stay safe. xxxx

  7. I'm so sorry Olga - I wish there was more to do than donate - bless you and your community for your positive actions. Please take good care and stay safe xx

  8. I was saddened when I heard on the news that there was another quake..the last thing Nepal needs right now. It is really heartbreaking to see that city gone practically to dust and all those people losing their home.

    So great you and your group were able to help 30 families, that's so inspiring. I do believe such immediate help is really important, both for the morale and the practical reasons. Organizations and donations do what they can but it is really heart warming to see that local people, like your group, are managing to get organized to help one another.

  9. Thinking of you at this awful time. Hoping things settle down for you soon. But know you are in our thoughts. Thanks for letting us know how you are. Big hugs! Xo Jazzy Jack