Casual Anarkali

Anarkali ensemble in green from Biba

Last April I wrote about our visit to Bhaktapur, one of the towns of the Kathmandu valley that was damaged the most during the big 2015 earthquake . Last Saturday we visited the town again. Have to say that now it looks somewhat worse: many of the survived but too much damaged temples were demolished after all, reconstruction works are about to start and there are bricks and polls, sand and cement everywhere that creates a picture of chaos.

Bhaktapur streets

Bhaktapur square

I wore a new anarkali dress ensemble from Biba for our little trip. In spite of being a casual variant of the dress it is nicely decorated with metallic thread embroidery (as well as the accompanying shawl) and the print combination is really lovely.

Metallic thread embroidered dress from Biba

Photo shooting in Bhaktapur

It is always fun to visit this town. In spite of being so much damaged by the quake it is full of life, beauty and energy.

Ethnic shoes on sale in Bhaktapur, Nepal

Balloons on sale in Bhaktapur

As you can see winter is over here. And though it is slightly cool in evenings and mornings the days are sunny and warm enough.

Photo shooting in Bhaktapur

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Posing at the Golden Gates of Bhaktapur

Have a nice day!

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  1. I adore your dress and I wouldn't mind a few pairs of bejewelled slippers either! xxx

  2. The town looks an interesting place to visit , hopefully the rebuilding will completed soon.Your dress is lovely, casual but so very stylish .

  3. Beautiful dress! And looks even better in that beautiful setting! :)

  4. You really bring us around the world, and I so appreciate that, Olga. Love your look, and thanks for linking up. xox


  5. Fabulous dress! And your photos are so entertaining. Love all the colors!


  6. I love your dress. You look so beautiful and feminine in this outfit.

    This town may be still damaged, but judging by your photos, there is so much life in it and that's a beautiful thing.