Strolling along the ancient streets

Outfit in white and blue

Today is exactly one year since the big earthquake here in Nepal...We still experience aftershocks now and then, there are still not demolished buildings here and there, there are still thousands of people living in tents. The death toll from the quake has reached 9053 and 255 persons are still considered missing, 111 of them foreigners from 25 countries.
On Saturday we decided to visit Bhaktapur, one of the towns of the Kathmandu valley that was damaged the most. This ancient town has always been famous for its unique architecture, temples, stculptures and works of wood carving. It was nice to see that though wounded, the town is still alive and  hasn't lost its charm and beauty.

Handicrafts on display in Bhaktapur, Nepal

Many temples and old houses were destroyed but many survived, as for example, the biggest attraction of Bhaktapur, the five-story Naytapola temple. The steps to the temple’s entrance are guarded by different characters. On the very first steps are sculptures of the famous medieval fighters Patta and Malla.

The oldest temple of the Kathmandu valley founded in 1427 surprisingly survived too. At the entrance of the temple there are two statues of the same medieval fighters Patta and Malla.

Sadly, not much was left of the Vatsala temple but the tall column topped with a sculpture of a sitting king as well at the ancient bell stayed undamaged. The bell is known by the name "the barking bell", in earlier times it summoned people for prayer and sounded alarm in case of any trouble.

Some buildings and temples were demaged partially and need serious restoration too.

Partly destroyed temple in Bhaktapur, Nepal

One year behind and restoration works have not started yet. Some places still look like this

Bhaktapur one year after earthquake

Bhaktapur one year after earthquake

That's how the "houses" many people have to live in for now look like

Anyway, life is going on...People are busy with their everyday activities: working, shopping, eating, playing with their kids...
Cafe in Bhaktapur

Mother and daughter moment

Now a few words about my outfit. I wanted to feel comfortable strolling along the streets of the ancient town so I chose jeans, a simple cotton top and flats. To make such a casual look more interesting I added a long indigo button down to wear over. White and indigo look great together, this is one of my favourite combinations for summer.

White jeans, cotton top, flats and indigo button down

As accessories I wore a silver Ganesh necklace, blue roses earrings and multi-coloured stone bracelets.

Blue rose earrings

Ethnic style silver Ganesha pendant

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White and indigo for summer: jeans, top and long button down over
Jeans - Oasis, top and button down - (Indian) Biba, flats - Citywalk, Ganesh pendant, bracelts, earrings - from Nepal

Stay safe and have a nice day!

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  1. You know why I love your blog so much Olga, because it is filled with gorgeous photos, beautiful stories, nice background history on all your travels and of course some fun, unique and bright outfits from you. And that is what I mentioned in my blog also when I did a feature on you a couple of weeks ago, did you see it?

    The duster, eyelet tank and your earrings are all so pretty. Great and fun Spring look!

    Don't forget to join me every Thursday by linking up. The new linkup is currently live. This pretty outfit must be shared. Thanks, Ada. =)


    Have a great Monday! =)

  2. Thank you for these photos - it is so easy for us Westerners to move on and forget - but the damages are still there. You, on the other hand, look wonderful, fresh and pretty - thanks again for sharing it all, xo


  3. So sad to see all the damage, and scary to see them living in damaged homes. But the beauty of the city and its history is amazing! Love the colors of your outfit, very cool and serene. :)

  4. I thought of you when the BBC returned to Nepal on the news this morning. that year has flown by. I bet the recent earthquakes in Equador, Mexico and Japan really resonate.
    How that ancient temple managed to survive is an absolute miracle.
    Fab outfit, you look cooler than the mannequins! xxx

  5. Amazing what was able to survive such a violent attack and heartbreaking to see and read about who and what did not. All in all, it looks like that city has pushed on and prospered which is wonderful. And you, dear friend, look so beautiful. Those pants especially catch my attention, really highlight those gorgeous long legs. Kisses

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  6. Here in the UK we can not even begin to know how the Nepalese feel. People are moving on as you say Olga but the horror of that event is still very much in evidence.
    You look like a bright little firebird and must have brought a smile to a few faces on your visit
    Lynn xx

  7. So sad to still the effects even one year on. It's a long haul back from an earthquake and there isn't much you can do except pick up the pieces and carry on. Incredible that the temple survived. Thank you for showing us these photos. It's important to see what is really happening in Nepal.

    Your outfit is chic yet looks so comfortable. I love the cobalt blue against the white. I love it when I get inspired by other bloggers and this outfit has definitely given me an idea!


  8. The loss of human life is always the greatest tragedy but I imagine it is emotionally very hard for the people to see their temples and sacred places demolished. Fortunately, at least some of them survived and the cultural and historical monuments are not entirelly lost. The city looks so full of live, it must be the product of the wonderful spirit of Nepal's people. Nevertheless, it is so sad to see that some people still have to live in houses that are practically ruines and one must worry for their safety. In most parts of the world, a family has to work so hard to secure a roof under their head and when that it is lost it is not easy to regain it...losing one's home is incredibly difficult but as you say, life goes on and people do what they can...

    I really like your colour combo, white and blue makes me think of clouds and sky...Wonderful jeans and top..and that long vest is a great addition to this look. Beautiful necklace and accessories.