Blue elephants crop top

Global Desi mustard yellow maxi skirt and blue elephants crop top

I read quite a lot personal style blogs and in many of them women do such a thorough analyse of their outfits: how they found this or that garment, for what reason they were attracted to it, what they were thinking while looking at that thing and why they decided to buy it at the end. Then goes the second part, with same whats and whys, now about pairing the bought garment with this or that particular thing from their wardrobe. To be honest some of such analyses are quite boring but there are others that are really interesting to read...Anyway, my point is that all those women manage to write quite large chunks of texts. Alas, for me it is always a struggle to write about my own outfits.

Global Desi mustard yellow maxi skirt worn with blue elephants crop top

The interesting thing is that if I want to write about something else - traditional costumes, my travels, some festivals or events, - then there is no problem with writing. It is only my own outfits that perplex me. Most of the times when I take a place in front of my laptop to do a new outfit post my mind is literally blank, I have no idea what I should write about the look except the obvious things like "this is a black dress and I wore it with red shoes". But everybody can see it already on the photos, so it seem rather stupid to describe the obvious.

Global Desi blue elephants crop top and yellow skirt
Shiva and Parvati bag

Most of the things in my wardrobe were bought for exactly same reason - I simply liked them. No much analyzing there: I like something, I try it on and if it looks good on me and its price is affordable, I buy it. Done. Yeah, the things that attract me in this or that garment are different - it can be colour, print, embroidery, design - but that's it. Not much to write about. Take my today's outfit. The skirt attracted me with its vibrant shade of yellow. The crop top won my heart with those printed sapphire elephants. Why did I pair them together? Simply because in my eyes they look beautiful together. Then I added matching blue earrings and bangles. That's it, end of analyse!

Lapis lazuli earrings

Well, I guess I just have to accept my lack of about-outfit-writing talent and continue the "few lines text" struggle.

Global Desi mustard yellow maxi skirt and blue elephants crop topSkirt and crop top - Global Desi, wedges - Delamode, lapis lazuli earrings - a gift, bag - local

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Have a nice day!


  1. Your elephant blouse and maxi mustard skirt are so cute. They look super chic together, Olga.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Oh my dear friend,
    I never feel annoyed with how you pair your outfit it's always fun to be looking at. and nothing wrong with expressing our mind here. I was kind of listen of people judge my style but then I look perfect when I walk in confidence.
    Anyway, how you pair the colors and outfit still turns good for my eyes ;)
    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Dear Olga,
    it is always a pleasure to see how you put together your outfits. How you combine colors, patterns, jewelry and bags. I admit, I sometimes have a look only at the pictures. And they are always amazing.
    This elephant top is gorgeous, I like it so much.
    Sabine xxx

  4. Well, your reasons for choosing your clothes and outfits are the same as everyone's - we are drawn to particular colours and styles, and we think we look good in them. There isn't much more to say than that, is there? I'm not particularly analytical about my clothes either, although I like researching vintage clothing and writing about that.
    The colours here are stunning, and that elephant blouse is gorgeous! xxx

  5. I love the combination of yellow and blue, it makes me think of the sky and the sun. That yellow skirt is amazing and I really like the blue cropped top. You look very beautiful and feminine.

  6. I love the colours of your outfit! !! The bright yellow and royal blue colours look beautiful together! !! Great contrast! The elephant print is unique and the yellow maxi skirt has nice design at the bottom! Love the the accessories too :) personally I enjoy the way you write your posts and outfit ones as well, they always have some personal touch to them :) Have a lovely day!!!

  7. I'm not analytical about my clothes either, I buy them 'cos I love them and wear them because they make me feel happy - simple. Dressing is an art form, to write about the process takes away the magic.
    Loving the yellow sandals and that fab top. I'll be tracking down a bag like that when I'm in India next! xxx

  8. Haha your writing is always just spot on, dear, just right! Very sweet top, big fan of ellies, and paired so well with the bright skirt and gorgeous bag!! Wow, you just get more lovely with every shoot, dear.

  9. I know what you mean , sometimes I really have very little to say about the outfit I am wearing.
    Your bright elephant top and mustard yellow skirt speak for themselves .Your bag and sandals are just perfect.

  10. You always look lovely - and these elephants are such a great addition to your outfit! xo

  11. For me the shade of blue and the mustard are an unusual combination but really work. Your crop top is delightful and I just love those platform sandals.

  12. I wear what I like and what makes me feel good. One vintage trader asked me if I wore a certain era. I told her no I mash everything together. It's good to do our own thing x


  13. Very beautiful combination of colours! Your maxi skirt is delightful on you and the bag is super cute!

    Writing a nice text is not easy! In any case...I do love your blog!!

  14. You shine from the screen in your wonderful ensembles. They speak for themselves so eloquently.
    I do like it when you point out details you enjoy. We like to enter into other people's heads...or at least I do! :-) xo jj

  15. Elephants are wonderful, and these on your shirt are the best ... so pretty on you with yellow! Blue and yellow; one of those recent fresh combinations that looks so natural. Wonder why we didn't do it before!

  16. Your outfits always look awesome and put together. Maybe you dress by artistic feel rather than by analysis. I admire that.