My peacock jewelry collection

Silver peacock jewelry set: earrings, pendant and ring

This beautiful peacock set - a pendant, earrings and a ring - I got on Christmas from my husband. It is made from silver but the stones are not real. I am really charmed by it and can't help but sharing it here on the blog. And at the same time it is a good excuse to show you my other peacock jewelry. Somehow, I've got quite a collection. Most of the pieces are bijouterie but there are a few real things.

Green stone peacock earrings

Black stones yellow metal peacock earrings

Indian ethnic style peacock earrings

As you can see most of the pieces in my collection are earrings. There are also a few pendants, two necklaces and only one ring.

Silver meenakari peacock set, pendant and earrings

Turquoise peacock earrings
Indian ethnic peacock motif jewelry set: necklace and earrings

Do you know how peacock is described in India? "It has the feathers of an angel, the voice of the devil and the walk of a thief". So true and so witty! Anyway, peacock symbolizes beauty, glory and immortality and it has always been a very popular jewelry motif in India and Nepal.

Peacock motif gold necklace and earrings

Peacock navaratna gold pendant

Hope you enjoyed my little collection! 
Have a nice day!
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  1. LITTLE collection?!
    So wonderful and will have my sister in jealous tears. She adores peacock colours and shapes.
    I remember having them as neighbours and they are worse than chickens. Not an easy sound to like...voice of the devil is right! xo Jazzy Jack

  2. I very much enjoy reading your blog. Fashion with travel and history and learning of other cultures. Very unique and interesting indeed. Thank you.

  3. You really do have quite the feathered finds, don;t you dear :) What a great variety from fun to elegant. And we also get 2 shots of gorgeous you mixed in!! What a beautiful surprise! Oddly enough, I get described the same way as those people described the peacock :) Happy Weekend dear!!

  4. Love the collection, so interesting to see a theme also.

  5. Love the collection, so interesting to see a theme also.

  6. Oh your Christmas present set is beautiful. What an amazing collection of peacock jewellery. I love all of them!


  7. Gorgeous collection, Olga! Love your portraits - you look so beautiful! You have the most enchanting almond shape green eyes! Funny description of peacocks, and so true, haha!

  8. I like your pendant, earrings and rings collection. Thanks for the lovely post.

  9. Beautiful collection of jewellery. Love the pictures !
    Checkout my latest blog about Clues for identifying Vintage or Antique Jewelry

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