Summer outfits throwback: London

Neon orange dress

Today's post features some of the outfits that I wore during my stay in London and haven't got time to show them on the blog earlier. There will be quite a few of them as weather in the UK at the time of my visit was not that great and didn't give many chances for dressing up. Anyway, here we go...The orange dress from Ted Baker that I wore for afternoon tea...The colour is simply fantastic...a real highlighter...you won't pass by unnoticed...Between us, I call this dress "a scuba dress" because its fabric reminds me of that used for scuba driving costumes, haha...I would baked in such a dress in Nepal but it is ok for London.

Afternoon tea at the Soho Hotel

The tea itself was amazing...don't know about scones but cupcakes was definitely the best I ever tried. Delicious sandwiches, mouthwatering cakes and plenty of tea... I had 6 cups...my personal record, haha...

Afternoon tea at the Soho Hotel London

This printed greenish skirt was one of the summery outfits that I had a chance to wear considering the weather. Anyway, it was during daytime, but by the evening I had to change into jeans and sweater...

Shopping in London

Oh, another summer dress that I did manage to wear there for a couple of times...My Monsoon dress with beautiful floral print.

Monsoon floral print summer dress

Look at this photo, people actually live in this tower-like house. I wish I could have a sneaky peek inside

Not one of my favourite looks...not exactly my style and definitely not my colour...But I tried it anyway

Most of the time I had to wear these printed skinnies and this grey sweater...Man, din't I get tired of this look?

Printed skinny jeans and long grey sweater

But I never get tired of visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum. Simply love their theatre costumes display.

Theater costume form the Victoria and Albert Museum collection

Now, the most ridiculous summer outfit ever...I mean, seriously, it was the beginning of June and it was soooo cold that I had to wear all this stuff on me, including the rather wintery looking jacket...

Summer in London

Anyway, whatever the weather the Wallace collection is capable to cheer you up and to brighten your day. I really enjoyed their exposition. Highly recommend

Dish from the Wallace collection

Visiting Wallace collection

Armour from the Wallace collection

But the most bright and fairy-tale impression was brought by the Aladdin musical. Watching it was unforgettable experience...(photos from the production book)

And that is what I wore for the performance - my kitty print dress (shown previously here) with a leather jacket over it...very ME, haha...

Kitty print dress with leather jacket

Well, that's it for today. Linking up with Visible Monday
Have a nice day! 


  1. I really enjoyed this post!!! It's like your visit in London in outfits hehehe man, the weather in London is very unpredictable to the point of wearing winter jacket in June!!! I love all your outfits!!! Even if some of them are not quite your style, it's fun to experiment and try something new!!! The afternoon tea looks amazing!!! Glad you enjoyed certain things in London like museums, theatre and afternoon tea despite the wierd weather!!!

  2. Six cups of tea, you're more British than I am! Loved your tour of London & the accompanying outfits. xxx

  3. All great outfits, but my favorite is the kitty print dress! So adorable! :)

  4. Love all these London looks - and esp the long green print skirt. How great to pop into the V and A! xox


  5. Well, we drink tea back home not any less than British people, don't we, Olga? :)
    Loved your colorful dresses and skirt - fantastic on you! And the kitty print dress indeed is very you! :) Lovely stay you had - I enjoyed the round-up very much, чувство присутствия возникло, что высшее волшебство. :)

  6. Olga I so enjoyed your tour of London and seeing your different outfit choices, all quite something. Shame about the London weather not being kind for you maybe next time the sun will shine.

  7. I really have to visit England at least once...I'm always planning to go, but something always goes wrong so I never end up getting there....I would have loved to try cake and drink tea at that lovely place!

    I loved all of your outfits...that orange scuba dress is fabulous...and you look fantastic wearing it. I also liked your 'british look', you know the one with brown blazer and shoes...I'm not used to seeing you in such 'dark' colours but it was fun for a change:).

    That kitty dress you wore for Aladdin performace looks amazing on you and I love how you paired it with that leather jacket.

    The long sweater and leggins outfit was also very nice. Phenomenal outfits, all of them!!!

  8. That's the UK for you - it can be cold and wet in June, and a mini heatwave in September, you just never know! But you managed to look gorgeous and stylish throughout, Olga!
    Slowly catching up with everyone, it's lovely to see you. xx

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  10. Beautiful dress Olga and what a coincidence! I just bought my first orange dress (at my daughter's eco boutique in Seattle) and wore it yesterday with black tights and black shoes! I'll be posting it when I get home from my holiday.



  11. We love visiting London and the theatres. Brick Lane on a Sunday is our favourite and Columbia road flower market is a must while calling in at Jessie Chorleys beautiful shop on the same road
    Lynn xx