Long-sided cardigan

Long-sided patterned cardigan over skirt

I am not a big fan of a long-sided type of cardigan. But this one is such a beauty thanks to its amazing pattern that one can forgive it the long-sided part. The most popular way of wearing such cardigans is, obviously, by pairing it with pants. But my personal preference is to wear it over a dress or a skirt. I have shown the over-the-dress variant some time ago. And today I'm wearing it over a skirt.

Patterned long sides cardigan worn over a skirt

Patterned cardigan

Blue motifs of the cardigan look great against fuchsia, it is one of my favourite colour combinations actually.

The necklace is a local creation, inspired by traditional designs.

Silver ethnic style necklace
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Blue patterned cardigan over fuchsia top with black skirt and fuchsia tights Cardigan -  Per Una, fuchsia turtleneck - from Belarus, skirt - H&M, tights - 109F, shoes - Woodland, silver ethnic style necklace - from Nepal 

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  1. What a beautiful piece that cardigan! The design is so brilliant and the colors so cool. Of course I enjoyed seeing those stunning tights on you. They look just as soft and comfy as you describe. But odd as it might seem it was shot three that made my night fantastic tonight. That pretty top is so flattering to your amazing curves and apparently I really missed seeing them. As soon as I saw them and those magical green eyes it was all over for me. Thank you again for all your kindness and for sharing these lovely shots!

  2. Perfect look,lovely cardigan? it's suits you so nice & fabulous sunnies and shoes, you are looking great in any combo!
    Bridal Party Dresses

  3. Olga, love this drapey cardigan on you, perfect fit , interesting pattern and great colour. I also really enjoyed these wonderful shots of you.

  4. I think this cardigan is perfect for you - so feminine! lovely setting and photos, as always, xo


  5. That long striped cardigan is gorgeous and looks so nice with plum. You wear colored tights so well Olga. =) Happy February honey!

  6. Great cardigan! Such vibrant dynamic pattern, and the color combo is truly wonderful! Lovely portrait of you, Olga!

  7. I love the cardigan! It looks great with your fuchsia tights & sweater! Beautiful necklace, too!

  8. This long cardigan is so lovely...and I really like how you styled it with this skirt. You look fantastic!!!!!!
    very feminine and pretty styling.
    Great photos and location as well.

  9. I'm not usually a fan of the waterfall cardi either but I must say, you wear it beautifully, it looks great! x