Patterned coat

Patterned coat with pockets

Winters are very short in Kathmandu, one needs wearing a coat or a jacket for no longer then one month. So, one doesn't need to have a variety of coats and jackets as there will be no time enough to wear them all. And definitely I didn't need yet another coat into my wardrobe. And I didn't plan to buy any. But...how could I leave this one? The pattern, the colour...and those pockets...I couldn't resist.

Printed coat in copper with large pockets

What a perfect match to my hair, hehe...And I found a perfectly matching scarf too.

Patterned copper coat with skirt and tights in turquoise

The skirt and tights in turquoise give nice contrast to the coat

Printed coat with turquoise skirt and tights and copper scarfCoat and scarf - local market, skirt - vintage, boots - Woodland, bag -  Lino Perros

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Have a nice winter day!

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  1. I can certainly see why you couldn't resist this jacket Olga.It really was made for you, the colours are just perfect and yes they do match your hair. Love the pairing with the turquoise.

  2. That jacket is irresistible! Love the way you've styled it with your teal skirt. Thanks for linking up, xo


  3. That coat is so fun and unique! And it has a lot of great colors in it! :)

  4. Beautiful jacket Olga! Now if only winters were a little longer. Our winters are way too long. :-(



  5. You and the coat are a perfect pairing! It would've been a shame to let that pass you by even if winters go in a blink. And the pairing with turquoise is gorgeous. They really work together.


  6. I love everything about this. The coat and scarf look fantastic on their own but then you've added the teal - the best! Great shots of you.

  7. As far as I remember it's the first time I see you wearing a coat and scarf...of course you don't need many coats in Kathmandu but, how could a sensible woman resist to such a nice one??? :-)
    Thumb up for the purchase and the combination of colours!

  8. that coat is really such a perfect match for your hair...and the scarf is lovely too. Moreover, I love how you paired it with a blue skirt and tights. Blue and orange is a fabulous colour combo! You look very pretty and chic.